Coronary artery fistulae (CAF) are classified as abnormalities of a chamber of the heart (coronary-cameral fistula) or any segment of the. Coronary-cameral fistulas are rare congenital malformations, often incidentally found during cardiac catheterizations. The majority of these. Coronary artery fistulas: clinical and therapeutic considerations. Coronary artery to pulmonary artery fistulae with multiple aneurysms: radiological features on dual-source slice . MDCT in the Evaluation of Coronary Cameral Fistula.

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These fistulas most commonly originate in the right coronary artery and terminate into the right ventricle and least frequently drain into the left ventricle.

The patient responded well to gistula beta-blockade, reporting an improvement in symptoms 2 months later in the outpatient clinic. Continuous variables are expressed as means and ranges and categorical variables were presented as percentages. Severe form of persistent camerxl veins presenting as ischemic heart disease.

Case Description A year-old African-American woman with past medical history significant for dyslipidemia, untreated hypertension, microcytic anemia, and chronic tobacco use presented to the emergency department with worsening exertional dyspnea, 3-pillow orthopnea, and leg cofonary for months prior to presentation.

Left anterior descending coronary artery; LBBB: Multiple coronary-left ventricular fistulae associated with apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: Repeated endomyocardial biopsy causing coronary arterial-right ventricular fistula fsitula cardiac transplantation. The fistula was successfully closed by surgery and there was resolution of chest pain and dyspnea. Origin from the distal segment of the involved coronary artery was documented in 5 of the subjects.

Multiple coronary arteriocameral fistulas as a cause of myocardial ischemia.

Coronary–cameral fistula

Since the patient was symptomatic, surgical closure of the fistula was done. The mitral valve ring is visible hollow arrow. Three patients underwent myocardial perfusion tests 1 was negative and 2 were positive for ischemic changes. Autopsy findings Autopsy of patients with congenital multilateral MMFs to both ventricles depicted insignificant atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, cardiac dilatation and hypertrophy, and dilated coronary arteries with histologically, numerous small vessels of various diameters across the myocardium with patchy subendocardial fibrosis[ 51camearl ].


The authors declare that there is no conflict of interests regarding the publication of this paper.

Myocardial ischemia in generalized coronary artery-left ventricular microfistulae. Coronary artery-left ventricular fistula. Definitions The definitions offered by Chiu et al[ 1 ] and Gupta-Malhotra[ 12 ] were applied.

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We present a case of year-old male who presented with anginal chest pain and dyspnea on exertion for last 1 year. Published online Sep Please review our privacy policy. A diagnosis of multiple, diffuse coronary-left ventricular fistulae predominantly of a large diagonal branch of the left anterior descending artery was made at camerxl angiography.

There were no signs of cardiac failure. These fistulas rarely terminate into left ventricle or pericardium. Left ventricular chamber dimensions and wall thickness by camerao magnetic resonance: The authors thank Prof. Coronary artery-left ventricular fistula.

Coronary artery anomalies include anomalies of origin, termination, structure, or course. The patient was commenced on oral beta-blockade and reported an improvement in symptoms 2 months later in the outpatient clinic.

Symptomatic Coronary Cameral Fistula

More on this topic Candida sepsis with intramyocardial abscesses mimicking left ventricular noncompaction. However, neither ventricular arrhythmias nor infective endocarditis were reported in the MMFs subjects. Of these, 6 were normal, 1 showed left ventricular hypertrophy, 1 demonstrated moderate LV systolic function, 1 had severe mitral regurgitation and 1 showed hypokinesia of the inferior wall.

Email alerts New issue alert. Angiographic and clinical manifestations of coronary fistulas in Chinese people: English and non-English publications were screened for both types of congenital and acquired CCFs in an adult population.


Coronary cameral fistulas CCFs are rare and are characterized by abnormal communication between coronary artery CA and cardiac chamber that usually results from aberrancy of normal embryological development. A case of coronary cameral fistula. Introduction Coronary artery anomalies occur in less than one percent of the general population [ 1 ].

Within the entity of CCFs, each subtype has its own specific characteristics such as origin, termination of fistulas and treatment options. The best way foronary manage cameral fistulae is uncertain largely due to the rarity of the condition. Footnotes Source of Support: Thank you for submitting a comment on this article.

Treatment options include surgical or caneral closure. Coronary-cameral fistulas are the abnormal vascular connections between coronary arteries and cardiac chambers. Detection of myocardial ischaemia caused by coronary artery-left ventricular fistulae using myocardial contrast echocardiography. In two patients successful percutaneous coronary intervention PCI procedures for fistula-bearing and non-fistula-bearing vessels were performed for the relief of complaints.

A 57 year old male smoker, with a long history of hypertension, presented with angina. However, the clinical significance depends upon the location and the size of the fistula. Significant coronary artery disease was found in 3 subjects, of whom 2 had one vessel disease VD and 1 had 3-VD, while 8 were free of atherosclerotic lesions.

Left circumflex coronary artery-to-left atrium fistulas detected by transesophageal echocardiography in heart transplant recipients.