Companies House Christmas and New Year opening times. Availability of our We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies 7 December ; Guidance Read our policy on Social media use. Find out . Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company File company information; WebFiling; PROtected Online Filing ( PROOF) Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. .. in our Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide (PDF, KB, 9 pages). For further details please email [email protected] or This guide answers many frequently asked questions and provides information on .. users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services which is payable when you file .

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The data is processed within 2 working days, you will then be sent a second email to inform you if your data has been accepted or rejected. On the confirmation statement you must confirm that your basic company information is correct and complete. File your company information online now – including accounts, confirmation statement and company updates. If possible try an alternative card. A private company cannot offer its shares for sale to the general public.

Companies House

Companies House will only provide webfiljnguserguide address information to specified Public Authorities and Credit Reference Agencies – if a disclosure exemption is in place, this information will not be provided to Credit Reference Agencies. However, we cannot advise you about the content of your company’s articles, or whether a company is the best vehicle for your business.

To join the service the email address will need to be added again. The service is open to everyone but will mostly benefit those who file frequently – on a daily or weekly basis. The share capital for each currency is then displayed on separate pages, and you can move forward or back by selecting the page numbers.

  ISO 3382-3 PDF

Unlike our other services, you can view company information on the new service without having to register to use it. W3 govv browser e. More details on eCheque payments. It prevents the filing of certain paper forms, including:.

Sign in to Companies House WebFiling

This is the value paid up on each share – either fully paid or infoanguide paid e. A business can run into trouble even if the directors fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

Opening hours between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday The Belfast office does not have a letterbox for out of hours deliveries. SFS provide all legally required documents for an all inclusive price.

If you are webfilinfuserguide about any aspect of forming a company, you should consider seeking professional advice from a solicitor, accountant or company formation agent. Your new Authentication Code will overwrite the current one at the end of the working day.

Companies House Web Incorporation Service – Frequently Asked Questions

Both the password and Authentication Code are required before WebFiling can be accessed. You can faw subscribe to our RSS feed to receive updates about the software filing service.

The Cardiff office is open 24 hours a day for the receipt of documents Contact Centre lines are open between 8. You can request a reminder copy infkandguide your Authentication Code letter:. A Designated Member webfilingusefguide the same rights and duties as other members non-designatedbut will have additional responsibilities, such as authorising the submission of documents to Companies House. Dividends are payments made by a corporation to its shareholders. An authorising name must hov provided as all appointments require a ‘Consent to Act’, including the appointment of a corporate body.

For first accounts you can only extend the period webfilknguserguide 18 months from the date of incorporation. This will take you infoandghide an information page. Can I speak to an advisor? The Registrar has the power to direct the form, manner and authentication of documents filed using the WebFiling service.


All companies are required to provide information about their PSCs on incorporation. These particulars usually set out whether or not the shareholder is eligible for a dividend. To request details of your company’s current information select ‘Order email of current company information’, and a screen will be displayed to confirm receipt of your request.

If you have never used Companies House website to file company documents then this guide should be helpful. On the shareholders screen select ‘Remove shareholder ‘ next to the individual’s name. Every company formed under the Companies Act or earlier Acts will have articles of association – commonly referred to simply as the company’s “articles”.

By law every company must have a registered office.

All new names are converted to capitals, and some symbols are not permitted in the name. Companies and LLPs must select from one of seven statements and ensure that they regularly review this information to keep it up to date.

When you have received an email confirming receipt, it will then take 2 working days to process your data. Passwords must be between 8 – 32 characters and a combination of letters a-z and at least two numbers The new name cannot contain more than characters including spaces and infonadguide endings.

The URI is a unique web address for each company. If a company joins eReminders just after receiving a paper reminder letter, the company will not receive an electronic reminder for the due document. Can I object to someone trading with my company name?