Furies of Calderon is the first novel in the high fantasy series Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. The novel was first released by Ace Books in the United States as a. Codex Alera is a fantasy book series by Jim Butcher. The series chronicles the coming-of-age . Named Alera, this fury came to be accidentally, when the First Lord Gaius Primus gathered pieces of stone from . people who reside on a continent connected to Alera via a land bridge (where the Calderon Valley is located). The Codex Alera series launched just a few years later with first volume Furies of Calderon. The story borrows characters and general plot.

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Codex Alera takes place during the reign of a Rome-like empire. He is often teased by firies fellow students, but is a close friend to Tavi and Max. Jim Butcher’s books are a great introduction to fantasy for people who 3. Am sure you’re probably confused, I mean what could have gone wrong with this book? He doesn’t explicitly lay out the rules for you, but you still pick up on them pretty quickly! Doroga is the current leader of the Marat and headman of the Furiew tribe Gargants are described in a later book as caldeeon giant relative of a burrow badger.

Doroga and Hashat agree to attack Atsurak’s horde to save Tavi’s family at Garrison, and Tavi is heralded as a hero for his actions.

Codex Alera – Wikipedia

When his son, Bittan, was accused of rape, Kord tried repeatedly to kill Steadholder Warner, then Steadholder Bernard, and Tavi to protect his son from justice. When she attempted to betray Amara and Lady Placida at the end of the novel, she was outwitted, stripped of her clothing, and left stranded with Aldrick and Odiana.

Then read a caldeorn thread and so on.

In a world dependent on the furies, he cannot turn on or off lights, help with the farming, or even travel fast on the roads which are specially designed for fast travel via earthcrafting. When Gaius falls into a coma due to extended fury-crafting, Tavi must use his wits to prevent civil war and protect the First Lord from an attack by the Vord and the Canim Taken. The Shuarans are known for their golden fur and their monumental defense engineering.


Furies of Calderon

Review quote “Epic fantasy in the best way, inspired by Tolkien. To ask other readers questions about Furies of Calderonplease sign up. The blood of living or formerly living intelligent beings is necessary oc the use of Canim sorcery, in contrast to the fury-based magic of the Alerans.

She is currently the ambassador of the Marat to Alera, a position created by Tavi to gain her entrance into the Citadel.

Amara is a former Cursor, Countess, strong windcrafter, and Count Bernard’s wife. It was elemental magic in a way but way more unique. I freaking loved it and sadly that’s all I liked about this book. When the Furystorm comes, Kord tries to use firecrafting to stop the healing calxeron Bernard. View all 72 comments. But, that’s once again just a personal preference.

Paperbackpages. But she is actually a spy for Gaius Sextus, sent to the Valley furjes gather intelligence on traitors to the Crown, who may be in league with the barbaric Marat horde.

Now, I personally think that sounds pretty awesome, but I’m a nerd. However, Codex Alera is a different matter; the combination of two totally different concepts that I loved: The characters were written laera well. How many times does somebody have to save his ass? Codex Alera is an epic caleeron you will not regret! Untamed lands however are prone to dangerous manifested furies that will harm anyone on sight unless destroyed or claimed by a Crafter of skill.

Atsurak, leader of the Herdbane clan and former-headman of the Marat, led the Marat horde in the Second Battle of Calderon in a partnership with Coeex Aquitaine.

She does this for fear that if he’s recognized as Septimus’s son, he would consequently be challenged and most likely killed.

Eventually, she began wearing her hair in the long mane fashion of the Horse Clan. And sadly, he has been having trouble coming into his own with furies. I’ve been reading Butcher’s urban fantasy series, Dresden Files for a long time now, but I’ve avoided reading his Codex Alera stuff because it sounded too weird for me.


Of course, it’s those one dimensional “good characters” I mentioned earlier, noble and upstanding, who don’t have any other traits to talk about besides either being right, or scared. Antillar, usually referred to as “Max,” is the bastard son of Lord Antillus Raucous and one of the strongest young fury-crafters in Alera.

Furies of Calderon : Jim Butcher :

View all 40 comments. For example, earth crafters often draw physical might from the ground, through their furies, to allow them to lift loads far too heavy for normal people, while wind crafters can increase their speed and metalcrafters their endurance.

It sounds really stupid, but it somehow works for me. You know what, I don’t ship you guys anymore.

Furies of Calderon

I can’t tell you how glad I am that you’re here to tell me that. I realized part of the way through that it has the exact same plot in general as the Dresden books, too. Tavi assists in the defense of Shuar by creating a plan that no one person would know all the details to, as the Vord Queens can read minds.

The one witch was creepy enough, and the monsters were pretty cool, but that seems to be Butcher’s general strong point. During the trial he also becomes ‘bonded’ to a Marat girl, Kitai. View all 11 comments. But other than not quite being able to pin down how the world worked which was my original concern, in case you missed itI didn’t have any problems staying engaged in the plot.

PS Is it possible to have too much of either of those? Martin’s Westeros, but Alera fails to be nearly as complex or interesting.

I swear to God, i got sick reading about a female character who loves a male character, but can’t be with him because she can’t bare him a child.

SUCH a fun epic fantasy!