Clytia hemisphaerica, a member of the early-branching animal phylum Cnidaria, is emerging rapidly as an experimental model for studies in developmental. Full Name, Clytia hemisphaerica. Genus, Clytia. Species, hemisphaerica. Common Name, Jellyfish. Abbreviation, C. hemisphaerica. Trends Genet. Apr;26(4) doi: / Clytia hemisphaerica: a jellyfish cousin joins the laboratory. Houliston E(1), Momose T, .

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Clytia johnstoni Alder, synonym. Ecology Often confused with C. Clytia hemisphaerica Linnaeus, The gametes are released in the water cpytia and fertilisation gives rise to a planula larva that possesses a ciliated ectoderm, undergoes metamorphosis after 3 days and then becomes a primary, sessile polyp.

Clytia similis Fraser, synonym.

Clytia hemisphaerica – Marine Life Encyclopedia

Campanularia acuta Stechow, synonym. They live in colonies of polyps, feeding themselves by capturing small shrimp or other prey with their stinging tentacules.


Zooplankton and Micronekton of the North Sea M. Clytia is an experimental research model that is particularly useful for the study of fertilisation, regeneration, ecology and physiology.

Clytia hemisphaerica, hemispharica member of the early-branching animal phylum Cnidaria, is emerging rapidly as an experimental model for studies in developmental biology and evolution. Several weeks are necessary to anticipate the production of adults or to divide colonies. Stomach short, quadrate, with small base; no peduncle. Over Eucheilota flevensis Van Kampen, en enige andere hydromedusen deel 2.

Radial canals straight, usually four but individuals having. Everyday at dawn, a strange effervescence brews in the sea. Cnidarians have four classes, including the hydrozoan group to which Clytia belongs. Depth range — Medusa in coastal plankton. Laomedea gigantea Hincks, synonym. Clytia A Laboratory Favorite. Copyright Elsevier Ltd. Clytia serrulata Bale, synonym. Size Bell diameter typically up to ca 20 mm but 1arger specimens sometimes occur, C. Thaumantias lineata Forbes, synonym.


Mouth with four short lips.

Laomedea villafrancensis Stechow, synonym. Cambridge University Press, pp. Medusa hemisphaerica Linnaeus, Connect with us ‘.

Clytia hemisphaerica

Thaumantias inconspicua Forbes, synonym. This cnidarian is also a model organism for the study of oogenesis. Polyp stage of Clyt Other studies are dedicated to the origin of germ hemispgaerica precursors and those of the somatic cells of gonads; it is also a model for the regeneration of gonads.

Campanularia minuta Nutting, synonym.

Centre national de ressources biologiques marines

Clytia urnigera Lamouroux, synonym. Plankton of the Riviera. Clytia hemisphaerica planula larva. Original Idea Christian Sardet. The Plymouth offshore medusa fauna. From editor or global species database.