Go by John Clellon Holmes My rating: 5 of 5 stars Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between and. Go by John Clellon Holmes – book cover, description, publication history. Go, by John Clellon Holmes, is the first novel published by a member of the so- called Beat Generation of the s in the United States. The years immediately .

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John Clellon Holmes, born in Holyoke Massachusetts, was an author, poet and professor, best known for his novel Go. I felt moved at the end.

Go : John Clellon Holmes :

Jul 29, Josh rated it really liked it. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The hopefulness that seemed bo hover over these young people early in the novel disintegrates even as their interactions become more and more chaotic. The book was such an amazingly intense ride, even when it was at it’s most aimless wandering around in search of tea the characters seemed so vivid.

And anyone clellonn enjoys the Beat Generation has only a partial view into the beats without this early, infantile look to those that formed it.

Fifty years ago somehow seems quite close to the present, yet ten years earlier, when Holmes wrote, seems another world, another eon, another universe. They didn’t accept that the world had become perfect now holmmes the carnage of war had somehow solved humanity’s problems, and so they searched their lives for a deeper meaning. It is considered to be the first published novel depicting the beat generation. If you’re turning into an aging hipster, please do read “Go” If you want to read a better version of ” On the Road ,” pick “Go” up at your local book shop.

Go by John Clellon Holmes.

While Kerouac documented every aspect of the movement – lcellon jazz, drinking, drugs, crime, infidelity – as a living part of it, Holmes, although heavily involved, seems to have written as more of an outsider. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. A Novel from Amazon.


The origin of the term beat being applied to a to was conceived by Jack Kerouac who told Holmes, “You know, this is really a beat generation.

It took me a short while to figure out who was who, but most of the time just reading the dialogue one with the slightest familiarity with the beats can figure out who is hol,es. It would even be a good novel to start off to when thinking about exploring the Beat writers, as it certainly has a cool 50s feeling, as well as showing the kind of lives that some disaffected, bohemian young Americans lived post-WW2. Yet it was only ten years later, in that I was reading their books, envying their life, and wondering if had really happened the way John Clellon Holmes and Jack Kerouac described it.

The word Go appears regularly in the book, spoken by many of the cast of characters, almost as a mantra. I don’t know if it was a reflection of the author, or society, that made it ok to talk about all the drinking, drug taking and sex but yet homosexuality was still so taboo.

Hobbes finally realizes how dysfunctional this group really is, and at the novel’s close, it appears that he and Kathryn will finally begin to avoid the questing yet confused and dangerous company of this group. Yet it was only ten years later, in that I was reading their books, envying their life, and wondering if had really happened the way John Clellon Holmes and Jack Kerouac described it.

Go : La Primera Novela de La Generacion Beat

The essence of the book is summed holmex in the dream of one of the characters, Stofsky a thinly-diguised version of the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg. Paul is growing away from them and wants to be more of an “adult.


It’s as if Holmes as a young writer thought the added adornment was necessary to get published, which may have been true at the time. Despite being published in the 50s it was full clelloh sex and drugs an I really really loved this book. The times Holmes wrote about, I realise now, were different, not just because it was another generation, but another world and worldview.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Go is generally regarded as the first novel of the Beat Generation, written between andand first published innearly sixty years ago. It’s also contains none of the passion and verve of Kerouac and other beat works, but this was Holmes’ admitted role with the beats, uolmes somewhat detached observer on the fringe, rather than an ardent principal of the bea I holmez it, and it’s a must-read for any beat aficionado.

The Dharma Bums Jack Kerouac.

Go revolves around a group of young friends and acquaintances living in Manhattan in the early s. Go was published infive years before On The Road. But rereading it fifty years later, I see it in a very different perspective. View the Lesson Plans. Only because they were ignorant of actual profundity, like a caveman drawing on a cave wall and thinking he discovered magic.

Go Penguin Modern Classics Author s: And it is in this seeting of lovelessness, hopelessness, selfishness and despair that God appears to Stofky in a dream and says “Go, and love without the help of any Thing on earth. Being from the Philly area can’t speak for other urban entitiesI could imagine these people living in West Philly in having the same set of aspirations and problems.

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