Download as PDF, TXT or read online. A. Modulo di Chimica Generale. Silvestroni. CHIMICA ANALITICA. acidi e basi. errori. Fondamenti di. Buy Problemi di chimica generale by Francesco Rallo Paolo Silvestroni (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Problemi di chimica generale: Francesco Rallo Paolo Silvestroni: Books –

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Ionization energy, electron affinity, electronegativity. Finally, the course will also cover the chemical and chemical-physical characteristics of the most important biological molecules, as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. Alcohol – key reactions.

Module: Introductory sciences of natural processes

Classroom lectures on the topics covered by the program, coupled with numerical exercises on stoichiometry, colligative properties and pH. Equation of state of ideal gas. Lectures gennerale out by means of audiovisual devices power point. Sono presenti servizi di terze parti Facebook, Twitter e Google che potrebbero utilizzare cookie di profilazione.


Mechanism of electrophilic addition.

Atom – Quantum theory. The basic knowledge required to follow the course of Chemistry regard concepts of arithmetic, algebra and physic, and the conversion factors, as well as basic knowledge of general chemistry and the structure of matter are required.

Scientific notation The States of Matter.


Compounds optically active, configurations and conformations. Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Derivatives: The basic organic chemistry reaction types: Jones; Principi di Chimica, Zanichelli, Structure of the atom.

Reactions with nitrous acid.

Furthermore, the exam will verify the student’s communication capacity and his ability to present the topics. Electrons and chemical periodicity.

Electrophilic aromatic substitution, benzene, aromatic ring, aromatic Compounds, nomenclature. Text size Normal Large. Fondamenti di chimica generale. Proteins – Amino acids: Finally, the final exam will permit to assess the student’s ability to apply the knowledge acquired in solving practical cases.

Binding energy, octet rule, ionization potential, electron affinity, metallic character of an element, the representation of the atoms.


Nucleic acids – Lipids – fatty acids and triglycerides. Colligative properties Cimica equilibrium and the prediction of equilibrium constants: Environment and workplace prevention techniques.

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alaja :: Fondamenti chimica silvestroni pdf

Compulsory Learning verification modality The written test is composed by: Se procedi nell’utilizzo del Portale accetti l’utilizzo dei cookie presenti. Intermolecular interactions and hydrogen bond.

The Chemistry course will provide the students with basic concepts of General Chemistry. People search Search with a name Search with a name.

Coorte – Will supplied in year Reception every afternoon at the U.