ROBINSON. MODEL R44 II. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. FAA APPROVED: 21 OCT 4-i. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. CONTENTS. Pooleys Flying and Navigational products and accessories. Checklists | Robinson R44 Raven I & II | NCL | Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist. Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists.

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It is considered that the agitation caused by refuelling allows contaminants to disperse and potentially remain in suspension for several minutes. PDM can be defined as a four step sequential loop: The placard for the main tank Text box 1 indicates the type of fuel required.

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The accident occurred during daylight hours. Two fuelling stopovers were planned: One of the evaluation questionnaires consisted of 10 questions directly related to nozzle refuelling.

Fuels are distinguished by their color.

R44 II PILOT CHECKLIST – Robinson Helicopter Company

Large opening and wide spout Colour: Added separate Moment and Arm entry. Even though some deficiencies were identified in terms of the defences associated with the risks of fuelling errors, these defences help primarily to reduce risks. Refuellers have access to a chart, including an example: Support those that support the aviation community! Therefore a sufficient amount of time must elapse before fuel samples are taken after each refuelling.


Pooleys R44 Raven I and II Checklist

Confirm the amount of fuel the pilot wants. Developer Website App Support. The circular recommended that pilots know the total usable fuel on board before the flight and that they drain the tanks to check the quality and colour of the fuel to ensure that Jet A-1 has not been mixed with AVGAS. The pilot performed an autorotation 3 and landed on a street in a residential neighbourhood in Forestville.

I give this 5 stars because it is so r444 to use, and when you write the author he responds immediately with an answer to your question.

Consequently, the Board authorized the release of this report on 31 October The aircraft took off from Forestville at the end of the day. Specifically, to fill the main tank first, then the auxiliary tank, as indicated on the placards.

Arm or Moment will be computed automatically Moment has priority. Quickly change all important values using sliders!

Aviation Investigation Report A11Q0036

Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Since his training, the refueller had done 6 to 8 refuellings unassisted.

The training had been accomplished by another, more experienced employee the instructor. Skip to main content Skip to secondary menu.

Optimized for Retina Displays. However, it was the Jet A-1 fuel hose. Copy the material from this page and put it on your web page.


No other flight computer for the R44 offers all these features combined in one program. Mayor update to the Tim Tucker version. Allow user to change the lateral arm, every helicopter is different 2. At about Eastern Standard Time, during its initial climb, C-FNZO lost engine power and the pilot made a forced landing in a residential neighbourhood in Forestville.

The refueller seemed to be less than adept with the hose, allowing it to come into contact with the surface of the helicopters; but the pilots did not question his knowledge of refuelling R44s. The helicopter was substantially damaged. The emergency locator transmitter did not activate following the hard landing.

The pilot obtained a private helicopter licence in September and had over flying hours on the Robinson R A Transport Canada advisory circular 8 reminded pilots of the importance of performing a careful pre-flight inspection.

Having aircraft refuelling reference material available would have provided additional defences necessary to reduce the risk to aviation safety. Whether you are a professional pilot, student or flight instructor, we are sure that you will benefit from the possibilities of this revolutionary flight computer.