– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/ 02 Introduction to Active Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) with R2 updates Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory training course overview. .. A CBT Nuggets Learner is defined as a single user license and the single user license. I know a lot of the management side of AD, but nothing about set-up or initial Although I dont know if they have updated the videos for R2.

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That is a complete cop-out, and we all know it.

– /Applications/CBT Nuggets Active Directory with R2 Updates/

Looks like May is the ETA for 2nd edition. Wednesday, November 16, 3: Now to delete my test virtual machines and for a nice break before moving onto what ever is next.

Very poor planning, and extremely poor implementation. Jarrod May 16, at Hopefully prometric gives the correct duration now, too. Not one R2-specific feature or technology is listed on this page.

Cbt nuggets 70-640 r2 download

I had over 10 questions with powershell being mentioned. Plase use search in your browser for “r2” on: How many people will read that when they learn for these exams? I did fail exam.

Monday, August 23, 8: There is a ‘wall’ between the two teams, in particular because of our ANSI certification see here and here which requires that we do not use ‘insider knowledge’ while building training products that prepare a person for an exam.

Wow, I sure wish I would have known that. Friday, December 31, 9: I can understand, that people like the self paced training kits the authors do a good work what I saw so far! All learning materials related to exams, including Microsoft training and Microsoft Press resources, are developed independently of exam content, because the exams are intended to assess real-world experience with the technology, not the effectiveness of training materials.


I had to Google for an explanation and read it here, rather then on the Microsoft Learning site. I had booked a 2: Wednesday, September virectory, 8: Considering what these exams cost MS needs their own practice exam – it doesnt need to be identical to prevent people from cheating of course, but it does need to have a certified statement that says if you can pass our practice exam then you can pass the real one.

Tuesday, August 17, 4: Took my exam last week uldates 2 months training and failed big time, have now downloaded the free pdf from above about r2 and will watch the trainsignal r2 training videos but did feel cheated with the r2 questions. Compared to older exams and the CCNA ddirectory, I would say the quality of exam questions has deteriorated.

Understanding the Beta Invite Process.

Microsoft Active Directory exam – Study Guide

A couple of Questions come to mind as I read this thread. I can understand that you are upset about the changed, but microsoft changed the webpage rearding the exam so it is documented what is inside. Wednesday, August 18, 2: And yes, it would have been better to introduce some other exam instead of changing an existing exam that massiv. Monday, September 6, 6: The second edition of the MS Press book should be released sometime in May This issue is about adding questions that test candidates on topics which are not covered by any current exam resources, including the MOC and Microsoft Press books.


The tests itself are done by prometric and not by microsoft.

The Training Products team uses the public Exam Prep Guide which lists the objectives that will be covered on the exam to build the content. Thursday, December 16, 3: And that is simply a shame, because you put it in a way that Phil who started this thread and was very active in it was just “book learning for an exam” or stating, that Microsoft vbt “unfair”. How much effort was it to change the exams?

I know you probably can not comment on individual cases but am I likely to be successful in have my exam being reviewed and passed.

This is something completly normal. It is also important to remember that the Microsoft Certification Team does not communicate exam details to the Microsoft Training Products Team.

Maybe I missed it does not belong in here. I believe that the information Bill gave us here e. Anyways, I just failed with a yesterday but will update my study materials when things become available and train a bit differently towards the materials required on the exam rather than focusing on the things I can actively use now or in the near future.

Thursday, September 2, 5: