Buy Cisco WS-CXP-S Catalyst X 24 Port Poe Switch: Switches IP BASE Firmware Cisco WS-CXT-S X 24 Port Catalyst Switch. Since , World Data Products has been providing value as a vendor for companies that buy new or refurbished Cisco networking equipment, servers, and. Catalyst X 48 Port PoE IP Base. WS-CXT-L. Catalyst X 24 Port Data LAN Base. WS-CXP-L. Catalyst X 24 Port PoE LAN Base.

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This feature is used by other primary security features to prevent a number of other attacks such as ARP poisoning. Unit includes rack ears, power cables are not included. Multilevel security on console access prevents unauthorized users from altering the switch configuration. The last date to receive service and support for the product. This switch is used, in good condition, and shows catalyxt signs of wear scratches, scuffs, marks, etc.

Email Email To address is missing. Most collectors are able to leverage the location based on MAC-address and interface port number provided by the access switch to the collector. All switch models can be configured with four optional network modules.

The connectors are located at the back of the switch Internal power supply connector: The last date to order the product through Cisco point-of-sale mechanisms. The access switch is the most logical place in the network for collecting statistics and monitoring all flows. Warranty does not cover Port 28, Port 28 is bad! This support does not include solution or network-level support beyond the specific vata under consideration.

Max Qty exceeded, adjust order quantity to receive special pricing. Customers can provide power to a switch by using either the internal power supply or the Cisco XPS A wide variety of devices can appear on the network, both wired switches, routers, IP phones, PCs, access points, controllers, video digital media players, and so on and wireless mobile devices, wireless tags, rogues, and so on.


The borderless security is enabled by the following feature sets in the Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches:. It becomes services-aware to optimize user experience. Facebook Linkedin Twitter Youtube. Sustainability features in the 3570x Catalyst X Series Switches include the following features sets: Noise emission for a typical configuration Maximum: After this date, all support services for the product are unavailable, and the product becomes obsolete.

Table shows the cable types and supported lengths of the new Cisco 10G Base-T module. Cisco EnergyWise technology Efficient switch operation Intelligent power management Energy Efficient Ethernet Cisco EnergyWise Technology Cisco EnergyWise is an innovative architecture, added to fixed configuration switches, promoting companywide sustainability by reducing energy consumption across an entire corporate infrastructure and affecting more than 50 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions created by worldwide building infrastructure, a much greater effect than the 2 percent generated by the IT industry.

This unit is in good condition with minor scratches, dents, and scuffs on casing. Cisco Catalyst X Series Switches Enable Cisco Borderless Network Experience Borderless Networks, a Cisco architecture, deliver the new workspace experience, connecting anyone, anywhere, using any device, to any resource securely, reliably, and transparently. With the service module you can encrypt switch to switch links such as access to distribution, or catalystt dark fiber links within a building or between buildings.

TrustSec, a primary element of Borderless Security Architecture, helps enterprise customers secure their networks, data and resources with policy-based catalywt control, identity and role-aware networking, pervasive integrity, and confidentiality.

The unit has been reset to the factory default se StackPower lets customers to simply add one extra power supply in any switch of the stack and provide either power redundancy for any of the stack members or simply add more power to the shared pool. Bid prices are available for this item.

Cisco Catalyst X Stackable Port Switch |

Cisco Auto Smartports caatalyst automatic configuration as devices connect to the switch port, allowing auto detection and plug and play of the device onto the network. Instant Rebate Promotion is applied to this item. Cisco EnergyWise’s management interfaces allow facilities and network management applications to communicate with endpoints and each other using the network as a unifying fabric.


These switches provide high availability, scalability, security, energy efficiency, and ease of operation with innovative features such as IEEE Local switching packets coming into a port in the Cisco Catalyst X Series or E Series Switch destined for another prot in the same switch do not have bass traverse through the stack ring, thus increasing the forwarding capacity of the switch.

Location Awareness and Mobility In order to provide delivery of a best-in-class network experience to end users, it’s critical for network access to be location aware.

Cisco 3750X

A summary of U. In redundant mode, when the total power budget of the stack is calculated, the wattage of the largest power supply is not included. The last day to order the affected product s is October 30, Milestone Definition Date End-of-Life Announcement Date The date cataoyst document that announces the end-of-sale and end-of-life of a product is distributed to the general public.

You can view all models with:.

Any of these power supplies can be installed in any of the switches. The four uplink modules are hot swappable. 37750x IP Services feature set is required. Applications running on the network, and identify undesired applications, P2P etc Granular Local and aggregated Campus view Top N applications, drill down etc. Cisco’s Borderless Cataalyst architecture addresses primary IT and business challenges to help create a truly borderless experience by bringing interactions closer to the employee and customer.

You will need to add your information to the line again including line notes, end users, and special bids. StackPower can be deployed in either power sharing mode or redundancy mode. In the unlikely event of a single unit failure, all other 224 continue to forward traffic and maintain operation.

Power Supply Product Type: