gestantes, monitorizadas durante el período de dilatación con registro cardiotocográfico y pulsioximetría fetal. Interpretación, Masson, Barcelona ( ), p. Se proveen servicios de interpretación gratis. Hable con un empleado para solicitarlo. © – Intermountain Healthcare. Todos los derechos reservados. uterina (contracciones), inscribiendo sus fluctuaciones en un trazado sobre papel cuya interpretación nos brinda la información requerida.

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The aim of the study was to correlate histological and biomechanical characteristics of the vaginal wall in women with pelvic organ prolapse POP.

Effects of cafdiotocografia prolapse surgery cardiotocografis ageing on vaginal vascularization. Strength Cond J ; To evaluate the influence of dietary intake during gestation on postpartum weight retention. To compare the short- and long-term perineal consequences at 6 months postpartum and short-term neonatal consequences of instrumental rotation IR to those induced by assisted delivery AD in the occiput posterior OP position, in case of manual rotation failure.

Maternal efficacy and safety outcomes in a randomized, controlled trial comparing insulin detemir with NPH insulin in pregnant women with type 1 diabetes.

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The aim of the present study was to compare clinical and radiological findings when assessing posterior vaginal wall prolapse. At 2 months’ followup, there were no recurrences or other complications. Despite cauterization of granulation tissue, vaginal spotting persisted for another month. Smears deficient in lactobacilli and positive for clue cells were considered to indicate a diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.

A year-old multigravida Korean woman underwent total laparoscopic hysterectomy for leiomyoma. CT demonstrated posterior fossa epidural hematoma in three patients with head trauma in whom this diagnosis was not clinically apparent.

Seven articles were selected for the study and four categories were created: A new method to measure vaginal sensibility. Vaginal toxic shock reaction triggering desquamative inflammatory vaginitis.

Is it safe to combine abdominoplasty and posterior vaginal repair in one surgical session?


This is a qualitative research with a phenomenological perspective. Elegir una variedad, incluyendo vegetales verde oscuro, rojas, anaranjadas. Robotic posterior retroperitoneal adrenalectomy. Currently there are analgesic techniques to less effectively labor pain, to provide a high satisfaction level and supply clinical and laboratory beneficial outcomes.

El ILA, el movimiento fetal, el tono y postura del feto. This paper reviews reliability, specificity, and practical applicability of the two most promising and widely used methods for measuring blood flow within the vagina: While Lactobacillus species strongly dominate the vaginal environment during pregnancy across the two studied ethnicities, observed differences between the longitudinal dynamics of the analyzed populations may contribute to divergent risk for pregnancy complications.

The purpose of this study was to retrospectively evaluate, in a series of 3 patients, the feasibility, morbidity, and safety of laparoscopically assisted vaginal radical trachelectomy for early cervical cancer.

Rectorrhagia and vaginal discharge caused by a vaginal foreign body–a case report and review of literature. An year-old premenarche girl presented with a 5-day history cardiotocograia pain and swelling in the labia with associated vaginal discharge. Reconstructive surgery for pelvic organ prolapse is plagued with high failure rates possibly due to impaired healing or regeneration of the vaginal wall.

Clasificación ACOG/SMMF/NICHD by Francisca vega on Prezi

Is vaginal hyaluronic acid as effective as vaginal estriol for vaginal dryness relief? We evaluated the tolerability of this procedure with a scoring scale from 0 to 3. The remaining 8 animals underwent the same surgery without vaginal incisions transabdominal insertion.

This resilient group of cells then begin to re-colonise the denuded regions of the anterior capsule, encroach onto the intraocular lens surface, occupy regions of the outer anterior capsule and most importantly of all begin to colonise the previously cell-free posterior capsule.

It can present with serious complications, such as bowel evisceration and peritonitis. New concept in gestational diabetes mellitus: Bleeding will slowly become Changes in the vaginal microbiota due to bacterial vaginosis are characterized by decrease in H2O2-producing Lactobacillus. Las concepciones y percepciones del embarazo, parto y puerperio en comunidades nativas, norman el comportamiento de sus pobladores, repercutiendo esto en la salud materna e infantil.


The labor pain affect to all pregnant woman and it has biochemical and physiological changes that affect to mother and fetus and interact with your normal evolution. Desquamative inflammatory vaginitis may be triggered through TSSTmediated vaginal toxic shock reaction. The patient was discharged with bilateral ureteral stents and suprapubic catheter.

The correlation between vaginal delivery, age and pelvic floor dysfunctions involving obstructed defecation is still a matter of controversy. An ex post facto study was done at Belen Hospital Obstetrics Service between January and December to compare the effectiveness of cesarean and vaginal delivery in pregnant women with severe preeclampsia according to maternal and neonatal complications.

Sulphonylurea therapy in the treatment of pregnant diabetics. Laparoscopically assisted vaginal cuff suturing for vaginal cuff dehiscence after total laparoscopic hysterectomy was found to be effective, safe, and minimally invasive.

Se presentaron complicaciones en ambos sistemas. Furthermore, it discusses the consequences of maternal depressed state to mother-child interaction and to child development. Allocation was by a remote web-based randomisation system in a 1: Rev Venez Endocrinol Metab ; De diabete mellito gravidatatis symptomate.

While the natural history of vaginal haemangioendothelioma is uncertain, as a group, they have a propensity for local recurrence.

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For the distal vaginal mucosa, necrosis requiring surgical intervention occurred following combined T and B, if summated rad exceeded Computed tomography suggested a pelvic abscess. Outcomes included time from induction to labor and induction to. A Rare Case of Neonatal Survival.

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