TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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The seal face carrier has an amplitudelimiter to guarantee trouble-free andsmooth running important when there isany risk of dry running. Dependent ondirection of rotation! For dimensionssee separate table at the bottom of page53 intermediate sizes on request. A double seal, dou-ble pressure balanced inboard seal doesnot open in the event of buffer pressurefailure; closes automatically in the event of pressure reversal manaul, with guide sleeve Item no.

Materials of construction for inboard mechanical seals. It is equallysuitable for the conversion of centrifugalpumps previously fitted with ubrgmann or packings as for the standardi-zation of original equipment. Double seals according to API Plan If no mention is made to either of the reasons 1 to for recommending a double mechanical seal or a single mechanical seal with quench, it is acceptable to use a single mechanical seal.


It is also possible to flushthe piping system and the sealwithout disconnecting the tubes.

The resulting currentfrom the sealing compartment preventsimpurities reaching the seal. Long series on consumer prices data documentation The BIS s data set for consumer prices contains long monthly and annual time series for 60 countries. C4 Hastelloy C-4 mnaual. Plan 54Circulation of cleanfluid from an externalsystem.

Building on 55 GW of experience. An open sealing compartment isideal for this concept.

Burgmann Design Manual – [PDF Document]

Secondary sealsand elastomers are resistant to water,demineralized water and hydraulic oil. Axial pressure isevenly distributed by the roller bellows,guaranteeing reliable adaptation of thesliding face even when there are axialdeflections.

In standstill modethe seal and the shaft are in contact witheach other and have a good static seal-ing effect. The inboard seal features a rotating seatwith a smooth profile without creviceswhere product can lodge and cause con-tamination.

Burgmann Design Manual 15-3

buegmann Together with air,the medium forms gases, va-pours or dusts capable ofcausing acute or chronic health disordersor death. World Trade Developments List of tables I. Automatic refill units of the SPN rangediffer from an SPA in that they performjust two of the four functions of a bufferfluid system, namely buffer fluid pressu-rization and leakage compensation.


Optional featuresfor basic types within the modular sys-tem. No adapter Item no.

With many indus-trial materials, skinresorption of subs-tances capable of penetrating the skinwith ease constitutes a far greater risk ofpoisoning than inhalation. Apart from the installati-on length of the drive collar, all fittingdimensions d1 mm 2.

A buffer gas, e. Manuall agitator can be started upagain. Flash turbineThe specially designed elastomer-freePDGS achieves optimal operating resultsat extremely low sealing temperatures onflash turbines: Open Qualification Group A.

Mechanical Seals. Design Manual 15.3

Buffer gas supply is required see page To prevent bearing oil from con-taminating the gas seal, a further nitro-gen or air buffer “separating gas” isprovided between the bearing and the gas seal. Heat transferThe total power consumption of a mecha-nical seal has to be dissipated into themedium or the buffer fluid by means ofExample calculation: Suitable for pressure reversals. Reactions of this type cannot burgman prevented with certainty, even when the threshold limit values are observed.

Carbon steel ST