Sdn. See elsewhere in catalog for matching aluminum dash panels. Panel. Pr. 65 Sdn. Here is the latest restoration offering from BUGPACK. Option #3. Browse our Virtual Catalog. Click the banner below to view our updated online catalog for free on your computer. This will require flash. – The catalog. Volkswagen Parts and Accessories Online Catalog Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack.

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Home Documents Bug Pack Catalog. Post on Nov 1. Weve been developing and producing the highest quality products since In fact, many of the industrys most innovative and influential products and advances in technology originated right here at BUGPACK products.

Before any product receives the approval to be considered a BUGPACK product, it undergoes rigorous testing procedures allowing you to buy with confidence. The ability to employ stringent quality cayalog methods on all of our products ensures that the product you receive is of the highest quality. In addition to our own extensive product line we also stock and distribute other fine products such as Often in the industry today it seems that once a product leaves the facility We offer support 5 days a week on every product we sell.

In most cases our extensive dealer network is able to answer any question you may have. With virtually every product shipping with complete fatalog detailed instructions So complete that often our competitors simply copy them and all the correct hardware. However, we do understand that you may have some installation concerns, so be assured Bore x Bore x Deck Height in mm x. Bore x Bore x Stroke x. Measure tube extension past spring plate intermediate 4 long 6.

All the items contained in the kit are out of our normal stock BUT offered as a complete and hassle free catakog. All the most popular engine displacements. Genuine OEM Forged stock rods reworked and balanced. Due to core supply we may supply any of the following: At all times we will try to provide the least amount of cut that the cores available will allow.

Flanged configuration delivers maximum contact area while the 6 bolt, 6 pin design eliminates flywheel loss. Available in all popular combinations and options offering you everything you need for your ultimate high horsepower engine. In stock for immediate delivery!

Crank features all Cattalog steel precision machined to fit right the first time without hassle. Super strong offset 8 dowels along with chamfered cataoog hose finish this crank off. All journals a nitrited for that total assurance of quality and durability. A great crank at a great price. We take only good original German cranks and add counterweights, drill for 8 dowels and completely re-machine all the journals.


Precision manufactured in our own plant insuring the highest quality pins you can buy to guard against shearing. Extra length allows deeper placement in the crankshaft bugpacj holding area. We offer two sizes: It may be necessary to increase the depth of the dowel bjgpack holes in the crank used.

Sold in sets of 8. We also offer a special offset eight dowel pin gasket for nonOring applications. Copper offers superior sealing qualities for ending compression leaks at the cylinder head surface.

These are the answer for that dialed-in deck height! Sold catqlog sets of 4 shims! Dont wait to check for these on the work bench after you have assembled your bugppack end case halves! Now you can have access to all vital oil galleries for cleaning and inspection purposes. Kit is supplied with the following aluminum pipe plugs: These are a must for the serious engine builder! Included in the kit are new or reconditioned timing gears, spacers, snap ring, oil slinger, racer spacer, with or without distributor drive pinion, washers and woodruff keys.

The stock horse shoe spacer is notorious for opening under high stress and destroys the gear train and often the case. Unit simply slips around the crankshaft to form a bullet proof setup. This offers increased support of the crankshaft centerline for extra strength and durability! Race main bearing kits are supplied with bugpck dowel pin for securing 2nd bearing halve to right side of engine case.

Some case machining will be required. Just check out these features: Neveruselessthan,psi bolts or you run the risk of failure! Sold in matched sets of 8. All have been tested by us in catalot competition for the past 10 years. Features complete inspection, radiusing, and chamfering.

Bug Pack Catalog – [PDF Document]

Sold in matched sets of 4, these rods are rebuilt to exacting tolerances using new bronze bushings and hardware. The stroker rods have the added work of clearancing machining needed for longer stroke cranks. Each cylinder is extra thick for strength. Each kit includes rings, pins, and clips. A must for the serious engine builder! By design the Type III motors had a habit of running higher head temperatures and this was the cure.

Another must item for all high performance engines. Fits all engines except Type IV. All performance ring sets are supplied with a top compression ring with a chrome edge for improved engine performance.

All performance chrome edged piston ring sets are supplied complete with all secondary compression and oil control rings. They are engineered to eliminate blow-by in performance VW engines. These rings have all the features needed. Available to fit most popular applications and sold in complete sets only.


These Teflon Wrist Pin Buttons are easy to install and will bugpadk wear or break. Superior to stock wrist pin clips which are fragile. A must for high performance engines these buttons are sold in a complete set to do one engine.

Their super fit prevents pin pounding common to high RPM engines.

Their special fit in the piston groove prevents galling by the pin and their locking ability keeps them in place. By far the cheapest insurance around. Available for 22mm pins. Use these shims to adjust height for optimum performance. Quick and easy, no need to machine the pistons.

All popular thicknesses offered. Catwlog in sets of four. One end of the tube is longer thereby extending into the case to slow the sloshing. Used to complete the show engine look that only zinc plating can give.

Adjustable to assume perfect seal. Make emergency repairs without removing the cylinder head. A must for any off-roader.

Bug Pack Catalog

Supplied with center O-ring. Ideal for off road abuse. Economical enough to install on entire cataog from the start. Spring loaded fit insures leak proof sealing. Install without removing cylinder head. This style eliminates the need for jam nuts by using a strong spring to provide tension on bugack seal. Made of tough aluminum and anodized for long life.

Made of super sealing silicone material to ward off heat checking and pliable enough to seat right up and form a perfect seal. Sold in a set to do one engine.

What could be better than taking a superior quality aluminum engine case and having the custom options included from the manufacturer. Of course, the original factory universal case options are still retained. Clearanced for 86mm crankshafts Reinforced ctalog behind cylinder cahalog Drilled and tapped for full flow with plug installed Shuffle pins on center main bearing saddle Rear Main oil gallery plug drilled and bugpacl Available with 8mm or 10mm case savers installed Available with Restores stripped threads to original sizes for use of original case studs.

These case savers provide a better thread than original design steel stud to aluminum case. Also available in bulk pack.

A truly reusable cam plug that will never leak! A complete seal every time! If it leaks you must have left it out!

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