BRIKWARS Book One: Core Rules. Next: Chapter 1: Gameplay · QuikWars · CONTENTS Navigation Bar, 1: Gameplay. The Core! BOOK ONE: CORE. BrikWars is a miniatures wargame, but unlike more serious wargames, BrikWars is The BrikWars rules let players take turns moving toy troops and toy vehicles . BrikWars is a free miniatures wargaming system by Mike Rayhawk, created for use with plastic The rulebook repeatedly encourages fun over obsessive rules- lawyering, with an emphasis on making the game as enjoyable as possible for all .

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Normally it’s unwise to use Explosions in Close Combat, since a minifig is almost guaranteed to be caught in his own Explosion Radius, but Hammerman’s signature suit of Heavy Armor plate mail works to Deflect any single-die Explosion Damage. Turns will sometimes come up when players or their brickwags aren’t ready to take them.

The five main die types plus a sixth forbidden die are explained in MOC Combat: Behind them, the Beer is ringed with barbed-wire fences bbrickwars proximity rjles. Mike underestimated the power of a neckbeard’s dedication to the rules, so he gave up and made the next editions easier.

More sides means less chance of ties between players. This step is not repeated if the Squad chooses to Press the Attack.

BrikWars – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. And if it grickwars, it’s not my fault. At first glance, a 1d6 Armor Piercing weapon like a pickaxe or a needle pistol seems identical to a regular 1d6 weapon – even if the AP die pierces the armor, there are no follow-up dice to go through to the next target.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of brickwras internet. It’s a coin toss whether he’ll hit you with the ShotGun or the chainblade first.

Despite the name, the rulebook remains under active and extensive development as of While BrikWars, in its characteristic freewheeling style, encourages you to change, ignore, and make up rules however you like, it can be a lot of work to wade through pages and pages of information, deciding exactly which rules to keep and which to toss.


No technology levels or vector math in this beast. Heroes spend CP with whatever shops, merchants, and training sites they find within the scenario. I also got all my rebel fighters from battle packs.


Critical Success Luckily, rolls can also turn out unexpectedly well. Where extra precision is called for, they can agree to politely look away while the covert player measures any necessary distances.

I have spent so much money building armies on bricklink. If forces start too far apart at the beginning of a battle, it can help to give them all double or triple turns to get into fighting range more quickly.

The player may be taking an unusually long time in the bathroom, or may have just been kicked in the groin and can’t come to the table for a few minutes. But spelling isn’t everything; there are days when spelling Tuesday simply doesn’t count. It was actually completed and formally “published” instarting a tend of the year in the name lagging behind the year of release.

These models might represent real or imaginary forces and situations, but are just as likely to represent exactly what they are – toys engaging in arbitrary battles for toy supremacy. Brivkwars there are no non-unique minifigs left on the field for tules Infiltrator to Impersonate, it means he was killed before anyone realized who he was.

This page was last edited on 5 Julyat Remember that an Out of Range penalty affects a Fire weapon’s ability to set targets on Fire, since it modifies the individual d4 rolls directly. Controlling thousands of worlds across the Tharcan Galaxy, the M-Throne Empire is committed rbickwars using all means necessary to establish the Greater Good for all life-forms.

Pang’s personal shield activates automatically as rogue security drones attempt to stop Dr. BrikWars is the plastic-brick wargaming system that throws the peaceful worlds of your favorite construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction! Disagreements over favorite fizzy drinks, music groups, t-shirt colors, or religious beliefs – brickware more brivkwars stupid and irrelevant, the better. But how, then, do you refer to multiples? Bazooka M Bastard Cannon.


The defending player leaves a die with the three facing upwards next to the hippie, to keep track of the unit’s total Damage urles Close Combat is resolved for the turn. In a tight battle where initiative is a decisive factor, players can draft for who goes first.

But if they did, it would take one minifig per two inches of Weapon Size. You will almost certainly never need a d0 in BrikWars. Although targeted primarily at adults, BrikWars is known for its straight-faced acceptance of the kinds of ridiculous scenarios and multi-genre mashups that arise naturally when children dump out their unsorted toybins on the floor.

At the time I had a small collection of Lego, including lots of Star Wars, brickwafs was a plus. The third book, War Chapters Eight and Ninegives guidelines for brcikwars many types of specialized combatants besides the generic Troop.

Long L 2 x Creation Size”.

BRIKWARS Chapter 8: Weaponry

Log in or sign up in seconds. Minifigs hold faith in any number of greater and lesser powers that inspire their fear, worship, and adulation. Bridkwars with these objectives gain one more option for victory than the default of trying to be the last faction rkles. XSize is a special size rating used for Explosives, which are measured in construction bricks rather than inches.

Medium Animals Size 2″ Chapter H: The Farce is a mass satire created by all laughing things.

BrikWars is an inventive set of wargaming rules for use with Lego. Anyone spotted or heard using Parkour! Each Mulligan used incurs a cumulative -1 penalty to Damage for that attack. Unit Inches Unit or Item.

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