Poetic expressions of Swami Ji are published as book titled as “Brahmanand Bhajan Mala” a collection of Sindhi & Hindi devotional songs (Bhajans) created by.

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Unfortunately country was divided into two nations in the year and like malz of other Hindus Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj were also forced to shift to India.

You are a part of my inner Brahma and so from today on, you will be known as Sri Swami Brahmananda.

After the heavenly abode of Swami Basantram Ji Maharaj, Swami Brahmanand Ji started taking care of Ajmer ashram and helping people for progressing of spiritual path.

With a group of others he soon set out for Shivbagh Ashram. On the hierarchy order of saints of recent times of Prem Prakash Mandal, Acharya of Vedanta Philosophy, Swami Brahmanand Ji are placed at higher and honored destination and often entitled with Himalaya of mandal by brahmanannd of other saints of panth.

My heart is craving to see you. Swami brmhamandji says in this bhajan ” O human! Now I am a realized being and will come no more to birth. It is my Satguru who speaks through me, He who is without form, immortal and pure consciousness, Who banishes all doubts.

How astonished were those who had accompanied Ganeshmalji to the ashram! From early childhood the boy felt drawn to God.

Among thousands of singers you will be the best! It was full of sin, deluded, preoccupied. As it is said, “Through Thy grace the lame can climb mountains, the deaf can hear, the dumb can speak. The temple of Gurudeva is in the heart chakra and this opens through the grace of the Guru. To better understand spiritual literature he decided to study Sanskrit and soon Mastered this beautiful and difficult language.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

This trust is charitable organization helping common people in solving their problems in the fields of health, education and other social needs. Darshan bin jiyra tarse repeat.

Even in private homes the cook does not necessarily cook with love. He ri sakhi batlay mujhe Beat: He impressed mal with his erudition and could easily win most debates with his nimble mind and eloquence.


Brahmanand BhajanMala Bhajan – Dhool Tuhinje Charnan ji Satguru ( Sindhi Bhajan)

He used to sing bhajans in a sweet and melodious voice and his satsangs would attract numerous people. Sri Swami Madhavananda Hospital. Swami Brahmanand Swami Brahmanand: Knowledge from books is limited But the Satguru is immortal wisdom — This is explained in the Gita, Brahmananda says: And how to send him a letter?

He say about the serpent asleep over navel lotus, which is actually the Mooladhara chakra and serpent is the Kundalini the coiled one the supreme source of Yogic Energy. Only the name of God is true. Like musk deer keeps pursuing for odor in woods You are a fool who is roaming in outer world 3anYou are seeking comfort in worldly pleasures But don’t knows the knowledge of self It’s better to get Samadhi than Illusion will end 4. At that time Mahaprabhuji was staying in Shivbagh Ashram in Bola Guda, which was only about ten kilometres away.

Bramhanand bhajanmala

Swami Brahmanand Ji Maharaj are bhzjan believer of simultaneous progress of social works and spirituality hence in the year they founded Swami Basantram Sewa Trust for taking care of social welfare of mankind.

My total oblation is to your lotus feet.

You can meet him if you like, for he is just now staying in an ashram not far from here. One who has truly recognised the Guru as dwelling in his heart has entered upon the path of perfection. Save me out of the world sea. He no longer quarrelled and there was an end to his egotism.

Gurudeva’s look had opened Ganeshmalji’s mind to the bhajah of former lives and he entered a state brahmznand consciousness where he could realize and understand all connections of his existence. He prompts the inverse creed by pulling air from Mooldwara He goes and wakes up the sleeping serpent which slept on lotus navel By making the stairs of spinehe yogi climbs up to the peak He goes into rhe cave and flashes the light And satisfies his thirst by leaking nectar from moon Oracle Yogi puts the bed in the sky palace And burns the karma in Yoga altar and rubs its ashes to his body Brmhanand says yogi is immersed in himself and he indwells into himself.


It is recommended to avoid meat, eggs, alcohol, strong coffee, black tea, chemically preserved and denatured foods and re-heated food. Ganeshmalji also made the common error of blaming his increasing feelings of emptiness on the era in bhaajn he lived, that is, kali yuga. Awakening and activating the other chakras results in higher states of consciousness. On opening his eyes, he bowed low before Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahaprabhuji and said, “Lord, in my former life I met brahmanahd as Lord Krishna and today all my dreams have come true!

His special love was the spiritual songs, bhajans and kirtan s and whenever swamis and sadhus passed through the area, he would go and listen to bhaajn satsang. Prabhu brahmanand niharo nij nainan.

Swami Brahmanand Maharaj – The Master of Music

So the State of true bliss ‘the Samadhi’ is rare and secret. Jabu balihari tere charanakamal. Karma Yogi, Sri Mangilalji Maheshwari. Buy Lila Amrit online. All at once Ganeshmalji remembered his dream and he could hardly wait to meet Mahaprabhuji. Swamiji suggests that we shouldn’t try to find God in outer world, like musk deer follows his his own odor in search of source of musk, but he don’t know that musk there in his belly button. We have to search within our heart.

Ganeshmal’s power was reflected upon himself and he slithered to the ground, quite unconscious of the external world. He gradually came to entertain the latter view and began to wonder who the mahatma was who wrote the book and how he might meet him.