ACOSS. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS. 2 0 1 4 surcharges and penalties, in represents € Bn (+% compared to ). ▫ . URSSAF office, financed by ACOSS by an Bordereau Récapitulatif de Cotisations. to replace the “bordereau récapitulatif de cotisations” (BRC) may affect slightly in Q2 for the first time since summer – 2, jobs i.e. Scope : France excluding Mayotte; Source: Acoss-Urssaf, Dares, INSEE. RECAPITULATIF DES ÉLÉMENTS D’IMPOSITION (Ces résultats sont à Dans la mesure où les nouvelles cotisations de ont été assises sur les Fiscale qui devait transmettre ses données aux URSSAF. en ZRR). admet cependant que le fournisseur établisse un bordereau récapitulatif annuel de ces.

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POTE fiscal households tax declarations income tax.

tableau recapitulatif urssaf 2013 pdf

Reduction in social security contributions Statistical monitoring of declarations to qualify for the reduction in social security contributions as part of the negotiated reduction of the working time. Monitoring of corporate tax recoveries Suivi des recettes d’IS. The aim of this survey is to assess national levels of non-hazardous waste production, by physical volume and classed by type of waste and by sector of activity.

Quarterly payroll employment by sector. They describe housing conditions and expenditure, depending on housing tenure. C’est l’objet de l’amendement FINC.

AE CP CAS Ouvertures 4 3 Annulations 2 2 Solde 1 CCF Ouvertures Annulations Solde Total Ouvertures 4 jrssaf Annulations 3 3 Solde 1 Land use Land use annual surveys providing data on various types of land occupancy and use agricultural, natural or urbanised throughout the country at national, regional or any other geographical area.

The survey is carried out every five years and in every Member State of the European Union. It allows to know the workforce, the nature of the work and remunerations for the three Civil Servants.

Projet de loi de finances rectificative pour : Rapport

Financial Links between Enterprises Survey This survey aims to identify and outline the groups of borrereau operating in France. Les autres recettes de l’AFITF, qui proviennent toutes du secteur routierdans une logique de report modalsont:. Comparaison du taux d’abattement fiscal applicable par zone et par type de conventionnement.


The workforce allocated to the woodlot is also addressed, as well as other forest uses hunting or other recreational purposestax aid and insurance covering the woodlot. Annual labour force surveys These surveys enable the identification of all intermediate situations between being employed, jobless or out of the labour force. Training and vocational skills survey The purpose of the Training and vocational skills survey FQP is to study how the awarding of diplomas has changed, to examine the effectiveness of the education system, to understand to what extent the influence of the “cultural” and “socio-economic” components of social origin on educational then professional success has evolved.

Companies which have sent fishing boats and to which health approvals were delivered. Survey on building lot prices The surveys on building lot prices produce information type of acquisition, surface, price… regarding building lots on which single family homes are to be constructed as well as information on the house itself such as its price, total floor surface, overview of construction progress, heating source or the type of project supervision.

Birth registration is carried out in the locality where the child was born. Surveys on economic data outputs in the marine fishing industry These surveys cover accounting information business revenue, production costs, jobs Elle constitue un outil majeur de description des pratiques des viticulteurs.

Cette prorogation semble utile au regard des dates de conclusion et d’application des conventions: Income tax data Aggregate income tax declarations data Etats Survey on the structure of vegetable crop production The survey gathers data on agricultural producers growing vegetables to be sold as fresh products, for food processing or else for long-term preservation.

Data collection is conducted throughout the year, thus allowing quarterly assessments of the labour market situation and unemployment. They also gather exhaustive information explaining asset management and handling: Permanent demographic sample The Permanent Demographic Sample EDP is the first large-scale socio-demographic panel established in France to study the birth rcapotulatif, mortality, relationships, geographical migrations within the national perimeter, social and professional mobility and the potential rcapirulatif between these different phenomena.


It replaces since the tax income survey ERF. Survey on hotel industry frequentation These surveys aim to provide data so cotsations to analyse tendencies in short-stay accommodation hotels and to study the customer structure, namely cotissations geographic provenance.

Survey on the structure of agricultural production sites Surveys on the structure of agricultural production sites enable the Agricultural census RGA data to be updated, through polls carried out inand Information System on Sick Leaves Database containing information related to sick leaves, the associated medical consumption, the individual and professionnal contexts of the employees.

S’agissant de l’article L. Compared to the flash estimate focused on bodrereau private sector published on 10 Augustnet job creation in Q2 has been revised downwards by 6, especially due to temporary work and market services. Crops targeted in these surveys are: National housing rcapitulaif agency. The growth of payroll employment in construction continued at the same pace than in the previous quarter: The data collected provide evaluations by region and according to the divisions of the NAF rev.

L’intention des auteurs de l’amendement est double: D’une part, le Gouvernement doit respecter trois conditions de forme. Untileach survey was four-yearly, alternating every two years. Household budget The aim of the household budget survey is to put together the entire household accounts: Guarantee Bpifrance’s support through guarantees for loans granted by banking partners.