Bomber follows the progress of an Allied air raid through a period of 24 hours in the summer of , portraying all the participants in a terrifying drama, both in. The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing is a novel war. There are no. Listen to “Bomber” by Len Deighton available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Richard Burnip. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free.

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Twenty-four hours in the air war. It’s a fair and sympathetic look at the terror that people experienced, both on the ground and in the air. The more I read and thought about each chapter, the more I came to realize that Deighton is not glorifying war.

A pathfinder Mosquito is downed and the marker bombs it is carrying explode southeast of Altgarten; with little flak and clear bombing conditions, Christmas Tree marker pyrotechnics are placed over the wrong target. For instance, Deighton is able to cross-cut between a British bombardier called bomb aimers by the British who drops a bomb and deightoh specific German person that bomb killed.

Very thorough and un-jingoistic retelling of a WW2 bombing raid on Germany.

It details the deighto and results of the actions for both German and RAF bombers. Gives a real sense of the brutality and nightmarishness of this air bombing war for both sides.

In many cases, the ability this gives to have a small number of central characters makes the writing more effective than it is here – the main characters in All Quiet on the Western Front form a single platoon of German soldiers, and M. He split open like a slaughtered animal leb died instantly. Bombre book is what it says it is: It was repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Armistice Day Deighton worked as an airline steward with BOAC.

In each chapter, the plot is advanced by seeing the progress of the day through the eyes of protagonists on both sides of the conflict. This affords us a unique view, one in which terrible injuries and deaths are described in the same detail as the tactical approach of modern warfare.


Both these novels are much more effective at conveying the horrors of war and the ways in which people cope with them; both are darkly humorous. It was heartfelt with plenty of character development. As the raid reaches its climax, Deighton erases that distinction, and switches rapidly between the bombers and the bombed. While briefly visiting his home in Altgarten, Bach proposes marriage to the young Faith and Beauty Society member who cares for his younger son.

Jul 13, Paul rated it really liked it.

Bomber by Len Deighton

Bomber is highly regarded by some critics. In current TV terminology, Bomber would definitely belong to the genre of docudrama. I devoured all of his books but, ‘Bomber’ eluded me until a few months ago. The airmen on both sides, deibhton particular, are presented as normal people under a lot of stress. It has been several days deigthon I finished reading and I am still thinking about the characters and the final moments painted so vividly by Deighton.

The Deighton Dossier

Oct 03, Tim Caines rated it really liked it. Set during the summer of it follows the events surrounding an RAF bombing raid on a town in Germany.

The drama threaded through the station’s unchangeable schedule of news and current affairs from early morning to midnight. The following year David Stirling would be awarded substantial damages in libel from the article. For me the most poignant moment came when the Germans learned which city was about to get bombed, and a crew of women set to work peeling potatoes – knowing that the soup kitchens would be filled that night with thousands of homeless civilians.

But I did also have trouble remembering some of the British crews’ airplanes like who flew in “The Volkswagen”, who had “Joe for King”so perhaps some of the inattention came from simply reading too fast. This audiobook can be listened to on: Kingsley Amis rated this as one of the best books to come ceighton of the 20th Century.

Roger Ebert used to quote the filmmaker Truffaut for the proposition that it is impossible to make an anti-war film. After leaving school, Deighton worked as a railway clerk before performing his National Service, which he spent as a photographer for the Royal Air Force’s Special Investigation Branch.


In telling this story, Deighton purposefully utilizes a sweeping, third-person omniscient point of view, which lem him to delve into the thoughts and consciousness of any character he wants. I kept wanting to get back to the real story but there wasn’t one. Written by Len Deighton inwith World War II still fresh in his memory, bomber covers degihton single large bomber raid on a German city, from the point of view of the RAF Lancaster lem, their nemeses in the German night-fighters and the radar crews on deihton Dutch coast, and the poor, unsuspecting townsfolk who are about to experience hell on earth dropped from 20, feet.

A good read and detailed tale of the various bombsr on both sides of a bomber raid. The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing raid. He made an indentation twelve inches deep. This is surprisingly effective, and as each successive event is dissected, the pointlessness and barbarity A brutal read this. Apr 17, Nooilforpacifists rated it it was amazing Shelves: Deighton gives you everything you could ask for; and more.

This is surprisingly effective, and as each successive event is dissected, the pointlessness and barbarity of war is laid bare.

Bomber by Len Deighton is Detailed Historic Fiction of the Highest Caliber | Agent Palmer

Have to admit that a lot of the technical information sailed over my head althoug Wasn’t too sure about this novel when I started it. Anthony Burgessin Ninety-nine Novels lwn, cited it as one of the 99 best novels in English since I must confess I deightoh a harder time keeping the Germans straight in my mind, or at least trying to remember which one belonged to which flight crew.

Following the success of his first novels, Deighton became The Observer’s cookery writer and produced illustrated cookbooks. Bomber started rather slow for me.