Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development. by Bill Hinbern. “Join the Ranks. Bill Hinbern has been an author, publisher and mail order distributor of The World’s Largest Selection of Strength Training Publications Available for over 45 . Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development [Bill Hinbern] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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If deep down you view tough obstacles as impossible to surpass, how can you ever achieve your goals? A Perfect handstand requires a solid base. Steiner Originally published inthis book, unlike any other, became an instant best seller.

Surprisingly, the forearms respond very quickly to the right kind of exercise. He understands the needs of the seasoned trainee and has detailed those tried and true training methods here. In a young boy was confined to his bed for 6 months by orders of his doctor. Amaze your friends, relatives and passersby!

His books, courses, equipment, and “Strength” magazine were the last word in weightlifting in America from This book is a must, not only for the wrestler, but for anyone who coaches such training routines. Sure barbells and dumbbells were a part of their training, but they were also masters of boxing, wrestling, gymnastics, and several other components of oldtime physical culture. The 16 preliminary exercises with and without equipment that you can use to build a solid foundation.


Bill Hinbern – Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development | Super Strength Training

Please try your request again later. Eliminate all the confusion and frustration about eating for size and strength! Bill is not only a true Iron Game historian, he is a great guy as well.

Oldschool Training Secrets, Tips. Needless to say, you can always learn more.

Adjusting the width of your base is another way to work on different skills. The 16 preliminary exercises with and without equipment that you can use to build a solid foundation 6.

I am one satisfied customer. Hackenschmidt closes the book telling the story of his life including his early days under the guidance of Dr. How to walk up and down stairs on your hands. Three Complete Arm and Shoulder Training Programs including practical information to make your arm training more productive!

The very specific and exact ways that your body maintains a sense of balance and why understanding them will be critical to your hand-balancing success.

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Available for download now. A Novel by Brooks Kubik What could be better than going back into time and training with all the big names during the Golden Era of Weightlifting, when America was cranking out National Champions, and winning Olympic medals in weightlifting! An Anatomy chart of all the major muscle groups Sure, these men trained with weights, but they also did a variety of other feats of strength.


If you participate in sports, it is vital that you include stretching as well as warming up. I usually do 3 to 4 sets of 90 seconds each. Learn his unbelievable lifts, methods and secrets of how he developed his great strength. Titles you never knew existed!

The 4 basic parts of the perfect hand balance and why you will end up flat on your face if you leave out any of them. It was well presented and easy to follow.

About Bill Hinbern…

Start building them with these four stretching exercises. You will not receive your subscription until you click that link to activate it.

I will let you know how I go. Hand-Balancing Requires No Equipment Ever been in need of a good workout but do not have access to special equipment.

Training for Power by Reg Park – Mr. It explains how to: So Get Started Already! If you don’t see that email in your inbox shortly, fill out the form again to have another copy of it hknbern to you.

The result of 30 years of bible study and observations of biblical principles in action.