Bharhut is famous for the ruins of a Buddhist stupa (shrine) discovered there by Major General Alexander Cunningham in The stupa’s sculptural remains. high-definition creative commons photographs showing the extensive carving on the the remains of the Bharhut Stupa in the Indian Museum in Kolkata, together. These lotuses were part of a wish-fulfilling vine at the top of a high railing (vedika) , which enclosed the sacred precinct of the Bharhut stupa (relic mound).

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They are further remarkable in having Arian letters engraved on their bases or capitals, a peculiarity which points unmistakably to the employment of Western artists, and which fully accounts for the superiority of their execution.

The long spaces between the central curved parts of the Toran beams would appear to have been filled with a number of small balusters and pillar statues placed alternately.

Favourites What is this? A large part of the railing has been recovered, but only one of the four torana gates remains. Thank you bhsrhut your feedback.

The designs may be embodied in freestanding objects, in reliefs on surfaces, or in environments ranging from tableaux to contexts that envelop the spectator. These are Anathapindika himself, and his treasurer, counting out the gold pieces brought in the cart.

The Yaksha relief at Bharhut being worshipped as Hanuman by local villagers. Maya’s dream, Sanchi1st century BCE. On the south side, however, I was more fortunate, as I discovered some pillars of that entrance after a few hours digging, and as one of these proved to be the corner pillar of the south-west quadrant I was able to obtain an accurate measurement of the chord of the quarter circle of railing by stretching a tape to the first pillar of the south-east quadrant.


All have thick manes regularly arranged in two rows of stiff tufts. Worship of the Bodhi tree, with Yakshini. Share What is this? Original layout of the Bharhut stupa.

Bharhut | India |

East Gateway Railing post. Many fragments of these were dug up, some of which were found to fit one another. About the beginning of the 1st century bcefour stone gateways torana seach elaborately carved, were added to the entrances.

I think it very probable bharhuf these also are thrones or seats of the four Buddhas to whom “many hands” are held up in adoration. Each row would therefore have held lights for an illumination. The existing fragment is doubtless a small one, but, like the stjpa of an elephant’s trunk, it is the significant portion from which the whole can be restored with certainty. My second season’s operations failed to bring to light any of the missing stones, although several fragments were recovered.

The weight of this rubbish at last threw down these two quadrants of the railing, as I found that the pillars had fallen outwards with most of the rail bars still sticking in their socket holes.

The three pillars were more than half buried in the ground ; but there were three inscriptions still visible ; one on the gateway pillar, the second on the first pillar of the railing, and the third on the coping stone. The faces of these Pillars are divided into three compartments or panels by horizontal bands of Buddhist Railing. Bharhut is famous for the ruins of a Buddhist stupa shrine discovered there by Major General Alexander Cunningham in At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.


At the end of the coping stone which faced the visitor as he approached each of the four entrances there was a boldly carved Lion, with a curly mane and long bushy tail, sitting on his haunches. Between the architraves, are balustrade columns, some of them decorated with Indian buarhut.

Bharhut Stupa

The architraves display scenes of animals who show their devotion to the Buddha symbolized by the empty throne in the middle. Thank you for stpua feedback. Anonymous 22 August at Personal galleries What is this? Contact our editors with your feedback. Several of these single figures unfortunately have no inscriptions by which to identify them.

Sculpture piece excavated from the Stupa at Bharhut: pillar with monkey scene

Sakka, the king of the devasdecided to help her. The Throne seems also to be represented in all three of the right-hand scenes of the same Pillar, under the shadow of the Bodhi tree, which was omitted in the other scenes for want of room. The statues are mostly nude but wear veils on their heads and many different kinds of jewelry: If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login.