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The Introduction furnishes hints for using the book and devotes special attention to the peculiarities of German chemical nomenclature. Treibalkohol Treib-alkohol, m. The Student should be warned against confusing chemical endings and case endings; for example, -en may be equivalent to the English -ene or only a plural sign: Calico fast to overprinting.

A suffix forming nouns of action, place, condition, etc. System number; file number. The word may be a Compound of two or more words. Grafflin and associates, Dr. Umdrehungen in der Minute revolutions per minute, r. Wochen- weekly; lying-in, obstetric, puerperal, maternity. Bericht, Berichte report s ; speeif. Occasionally the beginner may make a wrong division of a Compound word, and he should bear this in mind; for instance, Gastrolle is from Gast and Rolle, not from Gas and Trolle.


Brewing foremashing soaking of the grist before mashing. Walker Walker, m. Salt brine evaporated at bestrllschein time; Metal. Verhandlung, -lungen transaction s. Blau gas named from its inventor.

Basle green, Paris green. Lead outer basin, Iead pot; Tin forehearth. Vor- fore- pre- pro- preliminary, previous, prior, first. Container, receiver, receptacle, tank, reservoir, vessel, etc. Coal semibituminous; of oil varnish medium. Glass metal; rohe frit. A suffix used to form abstract nouns; -ty, -ness. Tin Plate blankp furnace. Sediment, dregs; Wine cloudinesa.


I galoid ]jaloidt vestellschein, n. Bewegungskraft 70 tion, momentum. Teile n Wasserparts of water. Please help us to share our service with your friends. Untersuchung investigation, something, for crucibles crucible stand. Thomas meal ground basic slag used as a fertilizerj.

Tor ordinary purposes it will suffice vlanko know the following changes, which are not all invariable, but which apply to many words: Iron Thomas process, basic process. Benz- benz- benzo- preferably the latter before consonants; as, Benztriazin, benzotriazine.


It may be an inflected form of a word given in the dictionary. Abfall- waste, refuse; descending. Tellurocher -ocker, -ocher, m. Wutzstahl wort boiler, brewing oopper. Thalleio-chin inn. Gewirr en. Higher and lower oxides are distinguished as -oxyd and -oxydul Eisenoxyd, ferne oxide; Eisenoxydul, ferrous oxide or by Latin forms Ferrioxyd, ferne oxide; Ferrooxyd, ferrous oxide.

Typhus- typhus, typhous; typhoid, -gift, Typ, m. A few possibilities are suggested: The word is sometimee used ia titles of periodicals; as, Kolloidchemische Beihefte.

He is specially indebted to Prof.

Notizbücher bei Semikolon

Wink, m, wink; beckoning; nod; hint, Suggestion. A suffix forming adjectives of material; as, eisern, of iron. Stearin soap, common soap.