: The Longest Ride (): Nicholas Sparks, Ron who loves animals and knows how much they can teach us about being human.” ― Gwen Cooper, author of “Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I. Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love” – Nicholas Sparks. Find this Pin. Quotes About Leaving Home, Quotes About Being Better quote Nicholas Sparks, The Lucky One Spark Quotes, Me Quotes, Book Quotes, .. Fearless Women.

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But it is not better than the other. Specifically, what was it about that relationship that interested you enough to write about it? Where I got the book: Nicholas Sparks weaves romantic lines from the simplest of words and they turn out cringey sparka good at the same time.

spakrs Oh yeah, and suggesting he crack open a bottle just in case her inhibitions don’t drop low enough. Love your wife and treat her with respect. The “Gag me with a spoon” category is almost too kind. And I even spotted some grammar errors tenses changing in mid-sentence and some unclear pronoun usage. Sparks wrote one of his best-known stories, The Notebookover a period of six months at age She admits that she remembers working on it every day that summer, adding to it and changing it as their relationship changed.

At my age I do NOT need reminding that if we’re lucky we’ll end up holding each other’s arthritic hands in a nursing home. They b I love the movie, but if you think that was sappy, do not pick up this book.


Trivia About The Notebook. Okay, so he wasn’t changing her diapers, but you get the point. If you haven’t read ferless book, be aware that rest of this review will contain spoilers.

That is primarily because this is a book about people.

The Notebook

becpming He cannot be stopped. A heart with the words Noah loves Allie inside it, carved the night before spqrks left at the end of the summer symbolizes their early love. As a former full scholarship athlete he still holds a track and field record at the University of Notre Dame he also spent four years coaching track and field athletes at the local public high school.

I showed him around and helped him gather the history of the town to make it historically accurate.

Nicholas Sparks quotes | Quotes | Pinterest | Nicholas sparks quotes, Quotes and Nicholas Sparks

Sparks makes it work though; he makes us believe that Noah and Allie truly share a wonderful past, that there were some wonderful moments that keep them bonded.

A simple direct question to start; what was your inspiration for writing “The Notebook”?

Fearlses left nothing to the imagination. Whats more, its good. I mean if she were that great she’d be producing art without Noah having nichoals tell her to do it, right? It does as you mentioned previously, goes to the old “what if” question. But an encounter with each other was all they needed. Be a good neighbor. A man can learn so many things. The old oak tree symbolizes their earliest feelings of love.


No further distribution without written consent. And then when we jump forward she’s completely lost the plot anyway, so basically Allie remains entirely devoid of character. You need something not so cute to break up the boredom.

Who can stand to see something as cute as that kitten up there all day every day? But sometimes, the curveballs end up smacking us in the chest and close to the heart, leaving bruises that never seem to heal.

Soon, the rain begins to fall, slowly at first and then heavier, as Noah paddles furiously to get them home. Will she marry her over-working fiance, with whom she shares a passionless relationship and who keeps her from pursuing her passion of art? Well, there’s no accounting for taste, and if you like sappy Twoo Luv stories this is your man. The original love story of this novel was a little too pat and plain– it was too clear that this was the love of a lifetime.

The sales of my novels probably put me among the top five selling novelists in the world. I love running but it is boring.

He tells her that it makes him feel alive, and that he can stare at it for hours.