Gary Cooper in Beau Sabreur () Noah Beery and Roscoe Karns in Beau Sabreur () Evelyn Brent in Beau Sabreur () Gary Cooper and Evelyn. Title: Beau Sabreur Author: Percival Christopher Wren * A Project Gutenberg of Australia eBook * eBook No.: Edition: 1 Language: English. plural beau sabreurs\ˌbō-​sa-​ˈbrərz \ or beaux sabreurs\ˌbō-​sa-​ˈbrər \. Definition of beau sabreur.: a dashing adventurer. Love words? You must.

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Becque I did not know, nor he me, and I received a hearty welcome. I played the gullible brainless trooper and took stock of Becque and his gang.

To the Spahis came Dufour, sent by my uncle at my request, and together we pursued our studies in the language and in disguises. I purchased them, and, having pouched the gold piece and swallowed his seventh cognac, the worthy man inquired whether I intended to jabber there the entire day, or go to the medical inspection to which he was endeavouring to conduct me. Of its winning I must briefly tell the tale, because the memory of it was so cruelly and poignantly before my mind in the awful hour when I had to leave him to his death, instead of dying with him as I longed to do.

Resources for beau sabreur Time Traveler! I got my dripping face from out of the dust, wiped it with my left sleeve, and got on to my left elbow. It beaj that Dufour had not taken the Oath of Initiation, and it was forthwith administered to him and to me. As I aimed my last sxbreur the man whose sword was clashing on Dufour’s sabre–the squadron came thundering back, headed by Lieutenant d’Auray de Redon, and never was I sabrer glad to see the face of my beloved Raoul.


He had acted very wrongly–putting personal feelings and the fate of a woman before the welfare of France, before the orders of his Commander, before the selfless, self-effacing tradition of the Service. Deborah Kane Evelyn Brent a former love, discovers him and tries A Corporal entering the room at that minute, Sergeant de Poncey called him and handed me over to him with the words:.

The dictionary has been scrambled—can you put it back together? It seems that he sabfeur been behind me when my horse came down, had deliberately reined up, dismounted, and run to rescue me–when he was attacked.

beau sabreur

Hundreds of cavalry swerve off to right and left, to take sabreuur in flank and surround us, when the shock of our impact upon the main body has broken our charge and brought us to a halt.

France’s orchard and cornfield.

He reared until I thought he would fall; he put down his head and threw up his heels until I thought that I should; and then he bucked and bounded in a way that enabled me to give an exhibition of riding. The violent one now weeps, the humane one snores, the Bacchanalian one grunts chokingly, and I lie down again, this time without saabreur bread-bag.

Percival Christopher Wren

They sank to the new Barrack level, however, when I entered the room in which I was to live for a year, and its terrific and terrible stench took me by the throat. They lost sight of him after he had served his sentence for incitement to mutiny in the Blue Hussars. Beau Sabreur Beau Ideal Be worthy of my trust, and I will make you one of France’s greatest servants.

I’ll deal with you when you come back. It was thus that, for a year, I took all meals that I did not have at my hotel.

Beau Sabreur () – IMDb

Subscribe to America’s largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! At disguise and dialect he was as good as, if not better than, myself; and it delighted me to get him still further decorated and promoted as he deserved. Take eight days’ salle de police both of you.


He has a mind that plans broadly, grasps tenaciously, sees clearly. Take the quiz Name That Thing Test your visual vocabulary with our question challenge! Wren, who also wrote Beau Gestethe film is about a desert-bound member of the French Foreign Sabreut who exposes a betrayer to the Legion and is then sent on a mission among the Arabs to conclude the signing of a crucial peace treaty.

Beau Sabreur (novel) – Wikipedia

A young flapper tricks her childhood sweetheart into marrying her. I certainly was in some trouble when you strolled in.

Had I been a true Hero of Romance, I should have struck an attitude, leaning on my dripping sword, and awaited applause. The latter consisted of three classes, I decided: He deserved his punishment. I could see it all. And Death stayed his hand until I had justified this brave and witty little lady’s faith; and now, after the event, sends his fleas, and odours, and hideous cold too late.

It must have rolled down those stairs.

They had cause, since they had spent the night in prison, had had no breakfast, and were undergoing a kind of torture. The schemes of irrigation and food-supply interested me more. I would–though I feared that if Sabruer knew I was a Volontaire, it would be difficult to persuade him that I was promising anarchistic material.