Novel Illustrations[edit]. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Front and Back Cover. Front Cover. Prominence VS. Nega Nebulous. These are novel illustrations that were included in volume Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Accel World v14 Green Grandeur, Purple Thorn, Ivory Tower, Yellow Radio, Blue Knight and Scarlet Rain. Shinomiya Utai. Ardor Maiden. Kuroyukihime.

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Accel World:Volume SS1 Chapter 1 – Baka-Tsuki

Privacy policy About Baka-Tsuki Disclaimers. This page was last edited on 21 Julyat Do you think these translated terms are good enough, or should I make any changes? I had started on Volume 1 Chapter 7if you could, help me or guide me regarding how to create a Preview link page. Their chairs were the Greek temple-style pillars characteristic of the Twilight stage cut to appropriate heights. When simply putting them in asterisks example: I’m just started to learn about HTML code stuff like these What was flickering in the distance of the clouds of dust of the Weathered stage was—unmistakably, the headlight of a train.

His finger only moved above the three buttons in random order; he did not come to push one of them at all. And, I think I’ll upload the rest of the illustrations before I go in the dark. And then there was also fifteen minutes of time left.

Accel World:Volume 13 Illustrations

I saw his works. It was said that currently there were just under a thousand Burst Linkers, but the ones who had reached level 8 could easily be counted, and furthermore the number of people who were within range of level 9 probably did tsukii even come to ten.

Ok I will let you know once I had finished. Regrettably, she was unable to reach her goal of surpassing her master, but she had the confidence that if Graph had not said that thing at the end, she would have overcome him. This is to prevent “biting off more than you can chew”. Italics aren’t just for thought speeches after all, the books I’ve read also use them for emphasis.


Deciding to defer his selection this time as well, with a sigh Haruyuki tried to lower his hand with a flop. Sorry for the late reply. But, how did you know? Thanks for the green light!

No, even now that impression had not disappeared, but even if he were told to exchange Crow with another avatar design he would probably refuse. Then again he did kneel and pray lol. So I’m doing just that here.

However, only Haruyuki was able to change his trajectory even in the middle of a jump. Having that slightly shocking proposal unhesitatingly thrown at him, the metallic gray avatar reeled greatly. If you have any other advice I should know while translating AW, I’d be happy to hear it. I’m working during the noon time till late night so I can only translate during the morning.

Kuroyukihime, who had been called Lotta-chan, understood her feelings too, but right now it was vital that they continue to talk.

Feel free to ask for my help whenever you want. The chain before his eyes passed by too far, and at the point where it had hit the concrete railroad track slag in vain, he resumed his attack anew. Haruyuki unconsciously slightly moved his outstretched left hand.

That guy……that Crow bastard, he obtained his level up bonus, in the middle of the duel …… he strengthened, his flight ability! The chain was caught on his ankle and Haruyuki was driven down to the ground with a forceful momentum. What existed in place of five fingers were huge rings maybe fifty centimeters in diameter. Hmm if that’s the case.


The contrast of the scarlet of the sun tinging the side of her face and her glossy black hair was too dazzling; after Haruyuki unconsciously blinked, he pointed his gaze forward.

At the instant when both their spirited remarks had caused some small sparks to fly at some point between them, they moved simultaneously. You’re registered but haven’t translated in nearly six months and haven’t made a contribution in three. Following that, while sidling her body even closer up to him, she whispered. You have to tell me that for me to make the changes.

So please consider my offer. Basically what I will be changing is the colorings as well as the template’s text alignments as well as the alignment of the whole template to the center of the page more balanced and professional that way. I will try and edit whenever I can, but for now, I think whatever I have, I will just translate it. Hi Xplorer, I just wanted to ask if there’s a set narrative tense for Accel World.

And then I will start the editing and back to Chapter 6. If Desodus is working on c7 then that’s good news for me. In doing so, the second button, which was stuck, came off, and the fabric was gently exposed to the left and right. Please reply back to me as soon as you can.