The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as Redemptorist Church and Fr. Leo J. English, R. conducted the first Baclaran Novena with 70 participants on Wednesday, June 23, , giving rise to Wednesday’s. Posts about history of Baclaran novena written by Baclaran Phenomenon. Novena in Baclaran @ USTREAM. Catholic. Novena in Baclaran. , total views. Share. Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn. Audio only. Novena in Baclaran.

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Teresita being nofena Patroness should naturally have been there and for the first Mass celebrated in the church she was actually installed but when the donor offered her altar, she expressed the wish that it should be the high altar. That is why Mary is not only the mother of our Lord, but our mother too.

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From a personalist and individualistic attitude, the devotees are not meant to pray only for their own needs but are meant to pray as members of a fellowship, in agreement, remembering that life and the world are not arranged for them as individuals but for the fellowship as a whole. This form is the most impressive Our Mother of Perpetual Help devotional form today. Gerard on the left. Wednesday was the only day novenw in a week where each day was devoted to a particular devotion or saint.

Her relations after her death referred the matter to the Holy See for an interpretation; and the decision was that it was to be regarded as a bequest to the Church to be used for religious purposes. Sapitula noted that the text of the Perpetual Novena, contrary to expectations, did not begin as a fixed text but assumed its final form only after months of experimentation.

Both were well-attended novena. The Redemptorist immediately began the process of transfer from Malate to Baclaran in The format of the novena clearly shows that they were meant for individual devotion not for collective prayer in the church. A perpetual novena, on the other hand, is a series of nine occasions of prayer but repeated continuously.

Filipino sociologist Manuel Victor Sapitula asserts this in his dissertation: Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Novena is the balcaran and popular prayer that the thousands of devotees recite and sing together every Wednesday.


The novena seemed to romanticize sickness by projecting an image of the sick who have nothing else they can do about their sickness except to embrace it. An interesting feature of the novena is the return of the contemplation of the meaning and spirituality of the icon and its parts as an essential part of praying the novena.

The most recent jubilee version of the novena brought back this essential feature. My deepest identity as a Christian is that I am not an independent and isolated self. One of the primary reasons for the explosion of the novena in was the fact that it was written for public and communal prayer.

John Maguire said, [O]ne reason for the rapid spread of the Perpetual Novena, after it began in Baclaran inwas the already existing love of the people for the Mother of Perpetual Help, whom they had come to know and love from the Redemptorist Missions. Ironically, Baclaran as a suburb outside of the city center, poor and rural are the reasons why the Redemptorists settled there.

Grogan unfolds to us this drama on an entry dated Feb 1, in the Chronicles: From the Visayas, the Redemptorist advanced to Luzon to expand their missionary work. It was the love story between the Filipino people and Our Mother of Perpetual Help who planned the biggest shrine of the world dedicated to Our Mother of Perpetual Help.

Inin the same church, Father Henry Sutton began novenas in which people participated through singing, praying with the priest, rather than remaining silent while the priests prayed. Those who intercede for me are not just my living fellow devotee but even those who have died and are already with God—Mary and all the saints.

The Manila Archdiocese entrusted to the Redemptorist the care of the parish of Malate in The perpetual novena in the country, however, did not begin in Baclaran but in Iloilo. Denis Grogan, the man who built Baclaran Monastery and Church left the Philippines—encapsulated the missionary intent of the Redemptorist when they settled in Baclaran: The Prayer for the Sick was also seen as needing some major revision.


The Imprimatur was by Francis I. The purpose of the novena is not just to bring our needs and aspirations to God through the prayers of Our Mother of Perpetual Help but to let Mary bring us to Jesus in order to follow him—the true path to God. Built with wooden frames and rather small, the shrine and monastery suited the predominantly fishing village landscape that Baclaran exemplified.

Novena in Baclaran

Prayer of the Communion of the Saints One of the primary reasons for the explosion of the novena in was nlvena fact that it was written for public and communal prayer. Clearly the format and text of the novena is intended for individual devotion. He adds that there is hardly any prayer that the Sto. It took sixteen years before bacaran in the Redemptorist community thought of having a Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Baclaran.

This challenges the personalist and individualistic attitude to novena and devotion. The intercessory prayer of the novena instilled a new consciousness upon the devotees.

InBaclaran was an unknown small rural fishing village of Manila, Perhaps during that time, people baxlaran have asked: The Redemptorists helped facilitate this love story to blossom in Baclaran.

Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help – Prayers – Our Lady of Perpetual Help Society

Maximo Vicente under the guidance of the donor. The prayers of the novena should be recited in a church in which the picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour is publicly exposed or in your own home before the same picture. The aims of the revised novena reflected these issues:. The shrine’s current rector is the Rev. The land was a donation by a devotee of our Blessed Virgin Mary.

But where did the crowd who attended the novena baclarsn from? This would conflict with the intention of the pioneer Redemptorists to have the chapel in honor of St. The church enshrines the icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Helpand is one of the largest Marian churches in the Philippines.