BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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BackupPC Documentation

Smb requires that the Samba server smbd be run to provide the shares. Optional commands to run before and after dumps and restores, and also before and after each share of a dump.

Override the client’s host name. SSH provides strong authentication and encryption of the network bacukppc. Each node of a path is preceded by “f” mnemonic: It is preferred that backuppc belongs to a system administrator group so that sys admin members can browse BackupPC files, edit the configuration files and so on.

Full path to the df command. Whether passive mode is used. To reduce the chance that this remains undetected, BackupPC can recheck cached checksums for a fraction of the files. Do not let users edit any of the Cmd config variables!

It is preferred that backuppc belongs to a system administrator group so that sysadmin members can browse BackupPC files, edit bacluppc configuration files and so on.

List of directories or files to backup. Documentwtion that both V3 and V4 pools can exist together, since they use different names for their directory trees. Rsync is run on the remote client via rsh or ssh.

This works by deleting every other full as each expiry boundary is crossed. So even if you have plenty of disk space, BackupPC will report failures when the documentatuon are exhausted.


The setting can be a host name or IP address, eg: Here’s a simple example of a hosts file: Don’t do any regular backups on this machine. These files are aged monthly. Character and block device files are also stored as plain files, whose contents are two integers separated by a comma; the numbers are the major and minor device number. The administrator can edit any of the host-specific configuration settings. For unix machines you can run nmbd the NetBios name server from the Samba distribution so that the machine responds to a NetBios name request.

Command to run smbclient for a full dump. If you are using rsync on a WinXX machine then it does no conversion.

Otherwise, just the hosts for which the user is listed in the host file as either the user or in moreUsers are displayed. This is one of the riskiest area in terms of development and testing. Since all the tar paths start with “. If you decrease this number after BackupPC has been running for a while you will have to manually remove the older log files.

The unix attributes for the contents of a directory all the files and directories in that directory are stored in a file called attrib. All except unix-domain sockets are supported by BackupPC there’s no point in backing up or restoring unix-domain sockets since they only have meaning after a process creates them. Output from smbclient, tar or rsync during restore nnn.

BackupPC Documentation

Compression BackupPC supports compression. XS that is dynamically linked documentatiln perl. The new compression level will take effect only for new files that are newly compressed and added to the pool. Filename charset encoding on the client. There are two other benefits to mangling: These utilities are automatically run by BackupPC when needed.


BackupPC should be ready to start. The correct setting depends upon whether local or remote ports are accessible from the other machine, which is affected by any firewall or routers between the FTP server on the client and documentatio BackupPC server.

Set this to undef or an empty string to turn off generation of URLs for usernames. Given one or more pc paths eg: The output from ping -s assuming it is supported on your system is used to check the round-trip packet time. This setting has no effect unless checksum caching is turned on.

The correct link count is stored in the inode. This system is robust to any single failure: If there is no match, additional files in the chain are checked if any.

Some users have reported running out of inodes on their BackupPC data partition. This setting is the probability 0 means never and 1 means always that a file will be rechecked. It is best if BackupPC runs bacouppc a special user, eg backuppc, that has limited privileges.


Hit the “Code” button, then select the “backuppc” or “backuppc-beta” package and download the latest version. If you have a mixed environment ie: Now let’s move onto BackupPC itself. There are two other benefits to mangling: