Read Introduction to Kito Aya and Her Diary from the story One Liter of Tears by ronyswizzle (Queen RØñý ♛) with reads. story, true. (Aya Kito)(July Aya Kitō was a Japanese diarist. She wrote about her personal experiences living with Her mother, Shioka Kitō, convinced her to publicize her diary in order to give hope to others, since Aya had always wanted to be able to help others. Litre no Namida is a dramatic tragedy diary written by Aya Kitō published shortly before her death. The diary, a true story based on her own life, was originally.

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I won’t do it again.

Yamamoto also kindly said, “Don’t let a cold develop. As he watched me gritting my teeth as I tried to kneel on a mat, he was wiping his tears away. Do I look tired? There was a flash of lightning outside and we started hearing thunder. By the time I got it out, he was already a long way diwry the corridor.

I thought I was dying. Ayaa felt depressed when I saw the gray walls and black buildings.

“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

I can’t take care of it myself, so who cares whether I have curls or not? Since the idea of publishing Aya’s diary was reported in a newspaper, she has been encouraged by many people. Please wait just a little. She came over and stroked my back. If you wanted to look for a book, you idary have come earlier. Looking at the canna reeds Bloomin in the garden, I miss you.


Aya Kito Quotes (Author of 1 Litre of Tears)

I can now make two return journeys holding on to the parallel bars, but it’s still impossible to do practical walking while holding onto something. It only makes a slight wound when it moves and turns. I’ve diaary waiting for you. I’d watched Aya grow from a young girl into a woman.

However, she was always smiling and her big eyes were active in her face as it gradually went thinner and smaller. It’s also hard for me to say the ‘ka’, ‘sa’, ‘ta’ and ‘ha’ columns. In fact, every time she came to the Outpatients’ Department, she had injuries from falls kuto had caused internal bleeding on her face, arms and legs. Ako gave me a sand-glass. And even if someone helps you to eat, it takes time to swallow, and you may sometimes choke and spray grains of boiled rice everywhere.

It was a very powerful diaryy. She keeps saying she’ll leave me alone. Maybe it’s because the muscles I use to swallow has weakened. But I pray that even the small pleasures she can experience now will last at least one more day under the warm protection given her by the doctors, the hospital staff, and her caregiver.


“The Complete Diary of Aya – 1 Liter of Tears.”

It’s that way of thinking that has made me weak. As I lay on the ward trolley, Mom was negotiating with an outpatient nurse, trying to keep me from overhearing: Many days of joy have returned.

I smile in glee, finding that I still have the spirit to study. Her name was Aya; smart, love sports basketballgood with everyone, and diady by everyone young lady. However, her classmates helped her a lot, carrying her textbooks or holding her hand when they saw her desperately trying to walk. I used the Western-style toilet to relieve myself.

If the large windows is opened, I can see the garden, and Kuro, our dog, is always there looking at me. You should keep at it too, OK? She says my disease can’t be cured, anyway.