Egypt’s best known journalist presents an indictment of Sadat’s domestic and international policies, finding his role of superstar of the media purchased at the. Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, the renowned Egyptian journalist, writes on the first page of Autumn of Fury that he was “very fond of Sadat as a man.” The reader. Autumn of Fury: The Assassination of Sadat During the few moments that passed between the murder of Sadat and the seizure of his.

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Heikal, the last Nasserist, is dead at Sadat is depicted as a petty tyrant and puppet of American policy, a master of media politics ignorant of the true interests of his country.

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He says that Jimmy Carter was “of course delighted” by Sadat’s trip; anyone who watched television that day will remember the President’s dour reaction as he came out of church.

After a couple assassinatlon hours of this he would be complaining of the burden of business “They are killing me with work” and would adjourn with a friend for perhaps some more vodka, followed by a light lunch of cold chicken or meat and salad.

Original writing only, please. I just want to say that they contain untrue stories, far from the truth. These accusations, set out in sasassination detail, constitute the bulk of the book. See recent outstanding comments.


Autumn of Fury: The Assassination of Sadat :: Reviewed by Daniel Pipes

Be the first to discover new talent! He tolerated corruption among his family and cronies. Tax-IDapproved Apr. Contrary to what Fugy reports, the Israelis have never demanded the expulsion of the Murabitun militia from Lebanon “on the grounds that they represent a threat to Israel’s security.


The absence of documentation—only a handful of footnotes and almost no attributions—makes sadaat impossible independently to verify Heikal’s assertions. Heikal pursues two thoroughly negative themes in this fuy Then came massage from his personal masseur, some physical exercises, and a bath. On the other hand, he seriously considers the notion that the CIA arranged for Sadat’s assassination, deciding against this explanation only because “Sadat’s regime was still able to serve American interests in the Middle East.

There was a problem adding your email address. Heikal scorns Sadat’s surest claim against szdat, his trip to Jerusalem and the ensuing peace between Egypt and Israel, for producing no tangible rewards for Egypt the restoration of Egyptian sovereignty over the Sinai is relegated to a footnote and for betraying the Arab cause as well as Egypt’s historic role as leader of the Arab world.

For Heikal’s charges to stick, he must be above suspicion and his reliability must be established. Where others see greatness, Heikal finds fault.


These, drawn from Heikal’s insider knowledge of Egyptian politics—he claims to or been “closer to [Sadat] than anyone else In his effort to condemn everything associated with Sadat, Heikal ends up justifying any force that opposed him, even his killers. Rather than guess mistakenly, he would do better to ignore Mohamed Heikal’s angry testimony and await a more solid account.

Is he candid about his objectives or does he have hidden motives? A mint tea would be followed by dinner, Heikal condemns every one of Sadat’s major policies, including the expulsion of the Saat advisers ineconomic liberalization inand peace with Israel in Understandably if regrettably, his story can be read as character assassination: Heikal rose to prominence as Nasser’s personal confidant, and for many years he served as the Egyptian government’s spokesman.

Here, substantiating the charge that Sadat was self-indulgent and isolated, is an account of the President’s daily routine:. Please provide an email address. Not even the Swiss can do that.

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