CH C C20 C C CH CH CHA ALPHA CHE .. General Plant/Equipment Reactors – Alloy Atmos Press Bottlers Generator Skôr ako uvediete spotrebi do prevádzky Preítajte si, prosím, pozorne návod na.

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If you cannot install the boiler into an accumulation system, then we recommend installing it with at least one equalising tank; the volume of which should be rated approx.

Leave long pieces of wood which have not fully combusted in the hopper for the next time atoms boiler is used. Person responsible for the inspection: They save both – the physical effort and also the time dedicated to these operations.

Use of elbow-pipes is not suitable. Take the boiler drum and hood to a scrap-metal collection site. Set the setting handle to the temperature read on the boiler thermometer. Another option is connecting the boiler to an after-cooling tank with a reversal zone valve. Seal the grating tube with two sealing cords and lock it by a screw with a washer.

The boiler is not intended for burning saw dust or small-particle wood waste. Use also a poker or a brush to remove dust sediments from the lower combustion chamber walls.

Návod k obsluze

Both the pumps may however be switched by just one thermostat. If you want the ventilator to start operating again, set a lower temperature on the waste gas afmos e. GB Setting Heat the boiler to approx. After ignition close the top door and open the lower door. The door lock consists of a lever with a handle and a cam which engages a wheel that is screwed into the boiler and secured by a nut preventing its turning.


Setting the boiler output and combustion Boiler types C18S – C40S with an extraction ventilator Basic setting of primary-secondary air ratio The regulation is carried out by either pulling out or retracting the regulating pulling rod.

At least once a year clean the extraction ventilator rotating wheel and via the cleaning hole, inspect the state of the primary to secondary air ratio regulation if not clogged.

Do not leave parts replacement for the last moment; prepare your boiler for the heating season as early as in spring.

Boiler types with extraction ventilator have a letter S at the end of their type designation code with the exception of the DC 70S type. If need be, a thermoregulatory valve set to a higher temperature E. We recommend the latter. Otherwise, the boiler and ventilator may get covered in tar and their service life would be reduced.

Indicated by dots on the thermostat scale.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

Place the kindling perpendicularly to the channel recess in the shaped piece so that a 2 — 4cm gap between the channels and fuel is created; which allows the waste gas passage. It is also possible to burn larger-sized nvkd coal such as the type KOSTKA atmoe lignite briquettes or wood briquettes.


Alternatively, instead of the inbuilt thermostat, an external thermostat may be used on the boiler outlet. However, we recommend using it only with boilers with output up to 50 kW inclusive.

Guarantee and post-guarantee period repairs are carried out by: Finish the installation by replacing the covers. Slide the grating tube back in position and place the individual segments back on it, one by one.

Another option is purchasing tanks in a leather-cloth housing insulated by mineral wool see the price list. This thermostat must be pressed down in case that boiler overheating occurred.

There are several ways of protecting the boiler against overheating. Boiler functions and all regulations and safety Size: Wood and coal may be burnt separately or c20. Then remove the door and slightly turn the screw with a righthand thread, as necessary. In this case, the customer bears the repair costs. If the accumulation method cannot be used, then we recommend using at least one tank of – 1, litre volume for equalising the boiler start-ups and run-outs. It is prohibited to leave unattended children in the vicinity of operating boilers.