I have the file I wish to flash and I know the pinout for hooking it up, and I’ve have tried following the tutorial’s I’ve found, but I. I’m thinking I can do this using the ATmegap with the Arduino bootloader on it and use an Arduino as an. We will learn how to use Atmel AVR’s GPIO ports and actually ‘code’ for writing/ reading data to/from port pins in this AVR tutorial. It is slightly.

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I’m new to the Arduino and just starting to play around with my Mega r3, but one thing I wanted to try out was tjtorial ArduinoISP capability to flash an Atmega for another project I’m working on. I have the Intel-format. I can get as far as uploading ArduinoISP to the Mega and then firing up avrdude and initializing the chip, but when I try to flash the actual.


I’ll post any more detailed information that may be necessary, but I’m pretty sure I am missing some basic setup, since most of the tutorials I’ve found are for programming other chips, tutorlal I may be incorrectly configured. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone reading this later for reference, I ended up wiring up the entire circuit shown here http: I then had to follow this hack http: Also, to clear up a couple of things that were not quite clear to me as a noob searching aimlessly on the internet, this does require a nF.

ArduinoISP programming Atmega on breadboard.

Sorry, I tried it last night and have since disconnected it. Didn’t remember the exact error offhand.

AVR ATmega8 Microcontroller Serial Communication (UART) Tutorial

I’ll hook it back up and post back. If it happens to be relevant, using the project documentation I have, this is how it’s all connected: Whatever the latest version was as of a week or so ago.

  G3S4 D1 PDF

You can either lower the baud rate to or send me a Personal Message with your email address and I’ll reply with a version that works. So, I did some more reading, and from what I’ve seen, I need to disable auto-reset?

Tried the baud rate change and this is what I got: The version you sent me gives even stranger errors than I was getting before I started on another project musical floppy drives so I’ve ignored this for awhile, and now that I decided to give it another try, I just accidentally broke off a wire end in the header for MOSI pin Any ideas for removing a wire that’s gotten broken off in the pin header?