Just started Athleanx1, I am in week 1 and saw an add pop up for tnt (pick extra body parts for extra $$$) Are they worth doing? Haven’t seen. However, Athlean-X decided to do the opposite by promoting their “direct response .. Athlean TNT = BodyPart Add-On’s To Existing Workouts. Scott Caradice to ATHLEAN-X · November 14, ·. Loving the T.N.T workouts. So far i’ve done the Chest De-containment (Monday) and the Deltoid.

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Had my weigh in this morning — interesting results from the weigh in — I weighed in at Athleanx submitted 10 months ago by daggaross.


As mentioned I will be following a 3 day split with 2 days conditioning and weekends off. If ya ask me its because I work so darn hard in the gym and on double whammy Thursdays I just have to eat more and boy I look forward to that!!

This is a program that Jeff atblean for training like an athlete. Remember…the back and core MUST work together for optimal development of both! Log in or sign up in seconds.


Barbell bent over rows — 5 sets — pyramid style — increasing weight each set — going light on last set. A lot of down to Atlhean home training routines.

There are no secret formulae or secret programs. He is a VERY respected natural body builder that has authored athlen diet books that are filled with useful and insightful information for which ever goals you have The side lunge row was also a nice finisher for my back as it incorporates a lot of core and stability work also.


Only after I issued the ultimatum of either the updates or a refund did they grudgingly ttnt me a refund.


They are definitely worth getting if you can afford them, and they work great as standalone shorter workouts also. People have been working out for years just to accomplish small goals over time. Atlhean bet you flexed your biceps right? This way if you do repeat you will know which muscle group is weaker then the rest.

Athlean X Workout Review: My horrendous experience with Athlean X

Considering ‘sticky’ status for this thread, along with threads on p90x, beachbody, insanity, any program with the word, “shortcut” in the title, and anything from Dr. These guys often have been training for many years using many different routines and probably illegal drugs too. Tuesday, July 19, My horrendous experience with Athlean Ahhlean.

But knowing this and actually being able to do something about it are completely different. So my new training program officially kicks off tomorrow and I cannot wait to get started!! Physioball pullover crunch, 3. Skip to the very bottom and read the introduction and work your way up from part 1 to part 4. I have the email to prove it and have posted the exact email on line in part 4 for all to see.


This week I will be doing week 1 after my conditioning workouts. I’ve been doing Jeff’s program for 3 weeks now and i have never felt so physically challenged in a gym before.

Barbell Rows — 5 sets — pyramid style — increasing weight each set and going light on the last set with drop sets in between. Seating Alternating DB Presses.

Jeff is a professional and has obviously put a lot of time and work into his product and rightfully so, charges a fee. Kneeling bench 1 arm row and superman Biceps: Wide grip seated pulldowns. You get a Gym and Home workout version for each TNT muscle group, which is awesome for doing while on holiday or away from the gym for a short period of time, or just to mix things up a little.

Drop sets in between. Hamstring Physioball Bridge circle curls, 5. Still Jeff’s philosophy on stuff is pretty over the top. Originally Posted by Toney Still need to improve on these.

I will post a full detailed description of my weekly schedule but for now a summary is below:. As I kept researching, I saw more and more similarities between athlean-x and sixpackshortcuts, from the click bait titles to their claims that they have the only safe supplement out there.