Integrated KVM Console with 15″ or 17″ LCD monitor in a Slideaway housing. Compatible with ATEN KVM switches (CL). Dual Console: two users may. Multiplatform support: ATEN converters enable PS/2 KVM switches to support USB, Sun, and Mac computers. Click for more details. Alternative Models: These . Download for CL / CL cl__pdf Firmware Upgrade, v, , cl__vzip.

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An overview of the information found in the manual is providedbelow.

ATEN Technology CL User Manual | 73 pages | Also for: CL

Replace the VGA cable withone of an appropriately short length. You must unplug the power cords of any computers that havethe Keyboard Power On function.

SettingExplanationBrightnessAdjusts the background black level of the screen image. To perform a firmware upgrade recovery, do the following: If it is part of a daisy chain, disconnect it from thechain. F4 is an Administrator only function. Wait a few seconds for the unit to ascertain its Station ID. To prevent damage to your installation make sure that all devicesSingle Stage InstallationIn a Single Stage installation, there are no additional switches daisy chaineddown from the first unit.

AppendixTroubleshootingProblemThere are ghost imageson the external monitor. With thismethod, the [Ctrl] keys must be on the same side both left, or bothright. Shut down all the computers that are attached to it. AppendixConnection TablesThe following dl-1208 indicate the relationship between the number of MasterView units and the number of computers that they control on a daisy chainedinstallation: Tell us what’s missing.


atfn Numbered lists represent procedures with sequential steps. Slide the L brackets onto the switch, from the rear until the bracketflanges contact the rack, then screw the brackets to the rack.

As a safety precaution, to keep the console from accidentally slidingout, the console is locked into the In position. Attempts to do so willnot work. The devices capable of being upgraded are listed in the DeviceList panel: M When the Mainboard firmware upgrade fails.

As you select devices, a detailed description of each appears in the DeviceDescription panel. F6 is an Administrator only function. Xl-1208 can dwell on a particular port for as long or as little asyou like – as opposed to Auto Scanning, which automatically switches after afixed interval.

Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them.

This function enables you to easily skip backward or forward – switching theKVM focus from the currently active computer port to the previous or nextavailable one. M While you are in Auto Scan Mode, you can pause the scanning inorder to keep the focus on a particular computer either by pressing P orwith a Left Click of the mouse.


Otherwise, the switch will receive power from the computer. M A Command Line appears on the monitor screen. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. sten

Setting the Scan Interval: The Firmware Cl-1280 Utility5. To toggle the Beeper, key in the following Hotkey combination: Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Switching Station PositionsYou can switch station positions by simply unplugging from the old parentand plugging into a new one.

ClockAdjusts the horizontal size of the screen image.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

ThePort ID is made up of two parts: When this function is in effect,commands sent from the console are broadcast to all available computers onthe installation. This is a class A product. Themaximum number of characters allowed for the Port Name is Vl-1208 us about it. Page 51 Hotkey OperationAuto ScanningAuto Scan automatically switches among all the active CPU Ports that areaccessible to the currently logged on User at regular intervals, allowingautomatic monitoring of computer activity.

ContrastAdjusts the foreground white level of the screen image.