an ASHRAE Standard may be purchased from the ASHRAE Web site (www. ) or from .. , ANSI/ASHRAE , ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ ASHRAE Standard User’s Manual: Safety Standard for Refrigeration Systems (ASHRAE SP) [Donald L. Fenton, William V. Richards] on . From the editor In a previous newsletter, we discussed the application of ANSI/ ASHRAE. Standard 15, “Safety Standard for. Refrigeration Systems,” to large.

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IDLH immediately dangerous to life or health: Pressure-relief devices or fusible plugs shall be sized in accordance with 9. Others are limited by levels where oxygen deprivation begins to occur.

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Except for discharge of pressure-relief devices and fusible plugs, incidental releases due to leaks, purging of noncondensibles, draining oil, and other routine operating or maintenance procedures, no refrigerant shall be discharged to the atmosphere or to locations such as a sewer, river, stream, or lake.

Rupture members used in lieu of, or in series with, a relief valve shall have a nominal rated rupture pressure not to exceed the design pressure of the parts of the system protected.

There shall be no intervening stop valves in the line leading to the pressure-limiting device. These systems are defined by the method employed for extracting or delivering heat as follows see Figure 1: Submit e-mail or disks containing change proposal files to: To correct for height, h mkmabove sea level, multiply these values by 1 — 7.

The disposal of hazardous materials, if any, will also be considered. Not an informative reference.

Interpretations To Standard

Files attached to e-mail: These lines shall extend into an emergency refrigerant control box. With the exception of access doors and panels in air ducts and air-handling units conforming to 8.

For those compressors that are capable of running only when discharging to the suction of a high-stage compressor, flow is ashrze be calculated based on the saturated suction temperature equal to the design operating intermediate temperature. Use the appropriate file format for your word processor and save the file in either Microsoft Word 7 preferred or higher or WordPerfect 5.


Selecting proper respiratory protection for technicians or other responders, as mentioned above, is one reason. B7 Sizing Headers and Diffusers Retention basins shall meet the requirements as set forth by the fire chief in the local jurisdiction.

Interpretations To Standard 15-2001

Montgomery, ExO Kent W. For example, a plant that has a significant number of valves located outdoors will have the tagged valves exposed to harsh weather conditions. Many other approaches are possible, especially in facilities that prepare sophisticated emergency response plans.

A dated declaration of test shall be provided for all systems containing 55 lb 25 kg or more of refrigerant. Reserved for Future Use Water supply and discharge connections shall be made in accordance with the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.

Refrigerant detectors are installed with the sensing location and alarm level as required in refrigerating machinery rooms in accordance with 8.

For the stanard of applying Tables 1 and ashrar, a refrigerating system shall be classified according to the degree of probability that a leakage of refrigerant will enter an occupancy-classified area as follows. The requirements for such natural ventilation are as follows: ASHRAE will take the lead with respect to dissemination of environmental information of its primary interest and will seek out and disseminate information from other responsible organizations that is pertinent, as guides to updating standards and guidelines.

A sign distinguishes the current-reading indicator from the alarmactivation indicator required by 8.

The test pressure applied to the lowside of each factory-assembled refrigerating system shall be at least equal to the design pressure of the lowside. All pipes piercing the interior walls, ceiling, or floor of 15-20001 rooms shall be tightly sealed to the walls, ceiling, or floor through which they pass.

The quantity of refrigerant is the most restrictive of a minimum oxygen concentration of This also does not include evaporator coils, compressors, condenser coils, controls, headers, pumps, and piping. Solutions Exception for items 1 and 2: Other treatment systems that meet the requirements of the authority having jurisdiction.


Doing ashraee invites unauthorized use or vandalism by untrained personnel, with dangerous consequences. Submittal in paper form is acceptable. When contamination is evident by discoloration, odor, acid test results, or system history, recovered refrigerants adhrae be reclaimed in accordance with 7.

Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

Moving machinery shall be guarded in accordance with approved safety standards. As an ongoing goal, ASHRAE will, through its Standards Committee and extensive technical committee structure, continue to generate up-to-date standards and guidelines where appropriate and adopt, recommend, and promote those new and revised standards developed by other responsible organizations.

Specified limits or prescriptions are mandatory. Addition of a second refrigerant is allowed where specified by the equipment manufacturer to improve oil return at low temperatures. These vessels have an inside diameter, width, height, or ashae diagonal not exceeding 6 in. A standrad valve, used in conjunction with the dual relief valve requirements of 9.

Fusible plugs shall not be used. For all other users, this reference is informative. Pilot-operated pressure-relief valves shall be self-actuated, and the main valve shall open automatically at the set pressure and, if some essential part of the pilot fails, shall discharge its full rated capacity. For blends, Appendix A is offered to aid in determining allowable concentrations. For fusible plugs, P is the saturated absolute pressure for the stamped temperature melting point of the fusible plug or the critical pressure of the refrigerant used, whichever is smaller, psi kPaand atmospheric pressure etandard at the elevation of the installation above sea ashrea.

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