XCP (or) “Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol” is a network protocol originating In , the protocol was standardized as “ASAM MCD-1 XCP”. Refer to transport layer specific command 68 .. ASAM MCD 2MC AML for XCP (Common_Parameters). Like CCP, the “Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol” (XCP) originated from the . Learn about the capabilities of the ASAM MCD-1 XCP standard.

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Parameters which are adjustable by the calibration system have to be located in data assm segments that are physically located in RAM. Therefore, each clock known to the XCP slave features a unique identifier.

Flash memory is subdivided into multiple sectors physical sections which are described by a start address and length. Our newsletter informs you when a new standard version is released. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Singular events, such as arbitrary activations of a switch mcc the driver, are by no means equidistant in time. This makes the time interval between two events dependent on the engine angular velocity.

The frame consists of three parts: The standard is mainly used aasam development and does not cover the more complex process steps that are necessary in end-of-line flashing. It might contain the algorithm that is responsible for erasing the flash memory. In order to speed up memory downloads, the calibration system can cache the calibration memory and optimize the memory downloads by sending only the differing memory parts of xdp parameter ssam.

XCP can be implemented on major bus systems and is open for future bus systems. This solution requires of course, that the switching action is implemented as an atomic operation. The A2L-file contains all the information necessary axam access and correctly interpret the data that is transmitted via the XCP protocol.

Protocol specification Interface specification. This means that access to a specific parameter does not need to be hardcoded into the ECU application. To obtain best accuracy, two requirements have to be satisfied: Different calibration and measurement tasks can be performed by different configurations of the calibration system without recompiling and reprogramming the ECU application code.


In addition, XCP also supports programming of flash memory. Today, there is a strong xfp for reliable synchronization accuracy in the single-digit microsecond range axam even below that. The initialization is usually executed in the start-up code of the compiler manufacturer and the application programmer does not need to be concerned with it.

It is not necessary to change the ECU control algorithm implementation because it uses logical addresses to access parameters. Some of the standard commands are: XCP is also very scalable in its implementation, it is not necessary to implement every command described by the standard Transferability: XCP introduces the concept of pages which make the implemented address translations accessible for the XCP Page Switching service commands.

The page switching commands are: The reason for this is that it could happen that the memory, which is the base for the calibration, is not completely located in the ECU or in the XCP slave. Over the years, only extensions were aeam, which do not break the compatibility to earlier versions.

Free of charge for members. After the completion of the configuration phase, the XCP master starts the measurement data acquisition, and the XCP slave sends the measurement data without further explicit read requests to the master.

Mxd primary purpose of XCP is to adjust internal parameters and acquire the current values of internal mcf of an ECU. Languages Deutsch Edit links. XCP data is exchanged between the master and slave in a message-based way. The information about the flash sectors is also part of the A2L file.

XCP (protocol)

In other words, the ECU contains only a generic XCP-protocol stack, which responds to memory access requests from the calibration system. The initial version of XCP has been developed in For example, the master initiates contact in this direction. The basic commands to access ECU memory are: In this use case a specific connection mccd protocol handler and ECU exists.


It enables the slave to report a disturbance, such as the failure of a specific functionality. mmcd

XCP (protocol) – Wikipedia

Once the bypassing tool receives the DAQ data triggers, it starts the execution of the bypass function. To obtain best accuracy, two requirements have to be satisfied:.

The following asynchronous events are defined: Anyone xfp compares the flashing operation of XCP with flashing over diagnostic protocols will realize that the process-specific elements, such as serial number handling with metadata, have rather limited functionality. Because the A2L format file contains all the information to access the information, the ECU code does not have to be recompiled to access different measurements or calibrations.

Non-Member or not registered? To ensure this, XCP specifies commands for calculation of memory checksums. This setup requires that the slave knows which variables scp be measured for which event.

The initiation of the event is thereby carried out periodically by an XCP master. Retrieved 20 September Your personal copy will be sent to. Addresses of parameters and memory segments are logical addresses which may be mapped to physical memory addresses by means of memory management units MMU.

Based on this technique, the XCP master is aware of the relation between clocks of the XCP slave, and finally is able to perform precise clock correlation within the XCP master. The commands used for DAQ configuration are: As a central improvement, an XCP master is now able to obtain a detailed view of the clock system related to an XCP slave, i.