Purpose This regulation prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Reenlistment Program. It provides guidance for. This regulation prescribes the procedures for identifying, validating, and . Discipline Code: Use the three-letter code contained in AR – Army Regulation – Personnel Guard/Army National Guard of the United See AR –29 for additional major subject codes. 2–

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If I have to prove my religion for a government official, and they can just up and decide it’s not a ‘real’ religion, that’s pretty much a clear cut violation of the 1st amendment Back in I had to fight to get 680-229 on my enlistment documents and dog tags. Cpl Join to see 1 y. I wish they had room to put on mine what my religion actually is: As for Dog Tags, my previous statement above is from talking to Chaplains at all these hospitals in the past 10 years.

I never gave a damn what the regulations say about what we put on our dog tags. SGT P Join to see.

I understand that having the religion on the tags is generally for regulatiom rites, but its still a personal thing and I do not understand why people need to make it so “in your face” sometimes. I don’t wear these in uniform.

2LT, 73B – Army Reserve | RallyPoint Military Profile

Regulation Religion Dog Tags. After the conversation has been going on for a while they will ask the Soldier, Airmen, Seamen or Marine if they want to pray.


Already have an account? I have talked to my Chaplain Assistant who talked to my Chaplain as well as done a bunch of INET searching and can’t find anything official on this. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof is pretty clear to me.

Why should anyone be limited by what they decide their faith is? People didn’t understand my objection to the then-default “No Pref”, which at death is translated to “Unspecified Denomination Christian”. Only thing I have found is statements by groups and 680-9 that the ID Tag is not an ‘official’ military document and you can put whatever you want on it.

Army Regulations – The Frontiersmen

That’s not what an atheist is. I am aware 680-92 is a list of ‘approved’ religious preferences for your official records, AR Chapter 1, Section 1, Tablehowever I could not find anything official for the ID Tag. Sir, As someone who has spent the last 10 years in both stateside, Germany and Deployed Hospitals I have never had a Chaplain ask to see my patients Dog Tags.

I forgot about this post.

Military Records – Rock Beyond Belief

Posted on Mar 4, They normally just go and talk to our patients, nothing to do with Religion at first just regulatin to listen and talk to. Sign Up with Google. Sign Up with Facebook.

Sign Up with Email. The Church of Satan has been around for 51 years.


Posted in these groups: Log In with Facebook. Need some clarification, help on this subject please. Put down your pitchforks, it was a gag.

Military Records

Log In with Google. When I joined, they made me put no religious preference on there. Arny has been approved for a very long time, although many in authority were and are not aware of that. I did have my Atheist enlistment and dog tags inafter many push-ups and a trip to see the commander at basic training.

The Religion preference that we put in the chart we never get from their Dog Tags either, we regulationn it from their medical records. Atheist is the only way to clearly state you don’t believe in a higher power. Here is the link: SPC David Hannaman 4 y. If the patient is unconscious they will normally go pray with the family members or just look at the chart for the Religion and pray at the bedside.

Refulation what is to stop someone who doesn’t like your religion, regardless of sincerely held beliefs, from declaring it parody?? What are the authorized religions on ID dog tags? If you want no religious services you can put Atheist, or None on your Dog Tags.