Manufacturer’s Instructions at 9: 47 PM Tell us about your experience with Aquapel. July 20, at PM. Buy Aquapel Glass Treatment: Glass Care – 4 stars because of the price, amount of product in the tube and no instructions. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Aquapel Glass no instructions, but you can find an installation video on the youtubes. the.

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How it Works

Aquapel can be left on side and rear windows for tinting, since tinting film is applied to the inside of the windows and Aquapel on the outside. Depending on the weatherit generally lasts months.

Send a private message to bigtex. Once Aquapel has been applied to the windshield it has to be wiped off completely before it dries, or else you will have a smeared cloudy result.

We have heard of customers using all types of creative cleaning products, before and after Aquapel application, without incident. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The home office mailed me those white toilettes and they did not help either.

how to properly apply aquapel – TDIClub Forums

By the way, the car is only 4 months old. Any sweat will just bead right off.

A key point I think y’all are missing, as did I, and it makes a difference: I would say that it must be a problem with the wipers.


I have been using this product for many years and have found that a slightly damp cloth or aquapwl towel used as the final wipe will remove those last traces aqupel Aquapel even better than a dry paper towel. Didn’t you get the instruction sheet? Prior to the application I had no smearing problems.

And that once you start using Rain-x, you are pretty much committed to using it as needed for the entire life of the vehicle otherwise you get the aforementioned streaks. Then back to the drivers side and start buffing with the towels. You can use Aquapel on the mirror, as well as glass shower doors, but there is an Aquapel Anti-Fog Spray that would probably provide a more effective solution to bathroom mirror fog, as well as interior auto glass fog, than regular Aquapel.

Guys, I’ll add a couple of pointers that I’ve found helpful. I start by standing on the drivers side, put the applicator pad in the top middle i. Page 1 of 2. Hold the applicator between the thumb and fingers with the pad down and level over the windshield.

As a result, Aquapel can last up to 6 times longer than other products. We see a lot of questions online about the proper way to apply Aquapelso we have some answers today, as well as a few tricks and tips we have learned over the years of working with this product. The film and streaks are simply an accumulation of degrading silicone, check out Getting to the bottom of Rain X Residue for more information. Avoid using ammonia based cleaners.


I use shop towels heavier duty blue paper towels to dry the windshield after applying the Aquapel – have them handy! This site uses cookies. I use dawn dish soap and that attracts the water and makes the bathroom mirror sheet for weeks.

instructiosn Aquapel really helps with visibility through side and back windows as well aiding in snow removal. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Most likely, the problem is that the product was not aqapel properly. I can’t help myself and always try to work it in, I don’t think it really matters though. Apply Hold the applicator between the thumb and fingers with the pad down and level over the windshield. Send a private message to burpod. Dry Wipe the glass with a clean dry paper towel immediately after Aquapel has been applied to the entire windshield.

Wipe the glass with a clean dry paper towel immediately after Aquapel has been applied to the entire windshield.

Toward the end, a little extra pressure instructiosn the applicator pad might help squeeze out a bit more juice, but you definitely don’t want to squeeze too much at the beginning. Aquapel would probably not work on dental mirror, since it works with the wind force created by an automobile.