Bombay blood group is the rarest blood group. First found in Bombay (Mumbai) in India, hence called Bombay blood group. It is observed to. El fenotipo Bombay es el nombre que recibe un tipo de sangre poco oligosacarido las personas _ _ hh no poseen ningún antígeno en la. El fenotipo Bombay es el nombre que recibe un tipo de sangre poco frecuente en antígeno A o B. Es necesario no confundir a esta persona Bombay con una.

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Clinical significance of Bomaby antibodies Transfusion reactions If patients with anti-H in their circulation receive transfusions of blood that contains the H antigen e. ABO blood group system – Wikipedia.

The first person found to bbombay the Bombay phenotype had an interesting blood type that reacted to other blood types in a way never seen before.

Ask New Question Sign In. Polymorphism of the h allele and the population frequency of sporadic nonfunctional alleles. Answered Jun 6, The Hh blood group”.

Now, coming to a person with a Bombay Blood Group. H-deficient blood groups Bombay of Reunion Island.

This, of course, cannot be prevented unless the lab technologist that is involved is aware of the existence of the Bombay blood group and has the means to test for it. Via Marconi 30, Firenze, Italy Tel. anntigeno

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. On the other hand they can take blood from Bombay blood group only. Since Anti-H immunoglobulins can activate the complement cascade, it will lead to the lysis of red blood cells while they are still in the circulation, provoking an acute hemolytic transfusion reaction.

Does the Bombay blood group exist in the world? bombya

What is the Bombay Blood group? – Quora

Please review our privacy policy. Often anigeno Bombay blood group is mistaken for the O blood group. Biosynthesis of the H, A and B antigens involves a series of enzymes glycosyl transferases that transfer monosaccharides. People with this blood group can donate blood to others but can receive blood only from same group persons.


Receiving blood which contains an antigen which has never been in the patient’s own blood causes an immune reaction due to the immune system of a hypothetical receiver producing immunoglobulins not only against antigen A and B, but also against H antigen.

hh blood group

To understand Bombay blood group we must understand the details of blood grouping. What is the difference between O negative blood group and Bombay blood group? Blood group is determined by the presence of A and B antigen protein on blood cells. At a glance Antigens of the Hh blood group View in own window Number of antigens 1: This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat People who lack the H antigen do not suffer from deleterious effects, and being H-deficient is only an issue if they need a blood transfusion, because they would need blood without H.

Given that this condition is very rare, any person with this blood group who needs an urgent blood transfusion will probably be unable to get it, as no blood bank would have any in stock. In practice, cases of HDN caused in this way have not been described.

A+, AB, O- … but have you heard about Bombay Blood Group? |

Answered Dec 17, Named for the city in which it was first discovered, the “Bombay phenotype” describes individuals whose RBCs lack the H antigen. In India, where H deficiency was first discovered, the frequency of both phenotypes combined is 1 in 10, 1. This may be possible due to the rarity of the Bombay phenotype but also because of the IgM produced by the immune system of the mother.


People with AB have both antigen A and B in their blood bomay no antibodies. In practice, cases of HDN caused in this way have not been described, possibly because of the rarity of the Bombay phenotype.

Chapter 6 The Hh blood group. Ina paper about the “new blood group character related to the ABO blood group” was published 2.

Point mutations and deletion responsible for the Bombay H null and the Reunion H weak blood groups. Like us on Facebook. You must be aware of it? The H antigen is produced by a specific fucosyltransferase. Can someone with Bombay blood take a transplant from other blood groups? The mutation introduces a stop codon, resulting in a truncated enzyme that lacks 50 amino acids at the C-terminal end, rendering the enzyme inactive.

A person with Blood Group B has an enzyme which adds a galactose to the H antigen. If a person has blood group O, the H antigen remains unmodified. The red antigenl cells appeared to lack all of the ABO blood group antigens and to have an additional antigen that was previously unknown. Answered Mar 31, Those anticipating the need for blood transfusion may bank blood for their own use, but of course this option is not available in cases of accidental injury.

Is there any story behind it? People with Bombay blood group can donate their blood to any one irrespective of their blood group as there are no h-antigens present on RBCs of such people. The serum contained antibodies that reacted with all red blood cells ‘ normal ABO phenotypes.