Front view of knee joint showing pes anserine bursa. A bursa is a thin, slippery, sac-like film that contains a small amount of fluid. A bursa is found between. Pes anserine bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the medial (inner) knee at the anserine bursa, a sub muscular bursa, just below the pes anserinus. Your Care Instructions. Here are some examples of typical rehabilitation exercises for your condition. Start each exercise slowly. Ease off the exercise if you start.

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Knee (Pes Anserine) Bursitis: Exercises

If you believe that this Physiopedia article is the primary source for the information you are refering to, you can use the button below to buraitis a related citation statement. General tips when you’re looking for a physical therapist or any other health care provider: You may learn specific exercises, work retraining activities, and sport-specific techniques burstis drills to help anserkne achieve your own unique goals.

How Can a Physical Therapist Help? Visiting a PT What you need to know before your appointment with your physical therapist. Lateral x-ray views of the patient’s knee are very useful for ruling out a stress fracture, arthritis or even Osteochondritis Dissecans. How Is It Diagnosed? The three tendons of the Pes Anserine are located superficial to the medial collateral ligament MCL of the knee [6]. Afterwards, a physiotherapist will give a hamstring stretching program and a concurrent closed-chain quadriceps strengthening program that has to repeated several times a day.

This site uses cookies. Physicians should place pes anserine bursitis in the differential diagnosis when assessing overweight middle-aged and elderly women with knee pain. Depending on your condition and goals, your individualized rehabilitation plan may include treatments byrsitis.

Pes Anserinus Bursitis

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing ahserine our use of cookies. Gently press on the inner side of your knee to see if it is painful to the touch Assess the range of motion you have at the knee and hip, as well as the strength of some of the muscles at these joints Observe how you are walking, squatting, and performing other functional and sports-specific tasks as appropriate To provide a xnserine diagnosis, bursjtis physical therapist may collaborate with an orthopedic physician or other health care provider, who may order further tests, such as an x-ray, to confirm the diagnosis and to rule out other damage to the knee.


Martha returned to the gym to perform the exercises and stretches she learned in physical therapy as well as a modified fitness program. Some patients receive an injection which consists of a solution of anaesthetic and steroid.

Pes anserine bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the medial inner knee at the anserine bursaa sub muscular bursajust below the pes anserinus. Letters to the Editor Pes Anserine Bursitis: It does not disappear without treatment such as rest, ice application, stretching and ultrasound. Reduce pain and swelling.

Pes anserine is on the lower right side of image Pes anserine bursa lies beneath. Anserine syndrome [article bursutis English and Portuguese]. Further Reading The American Physical Therapy Association APTA believes that consumers should have access to information anzerine could help them make health care decisions and also prepare them for a visit with their health care provider.

With the sports-related variant of pes anserine bursitis, symptoms may be reproduced by means of resisted internal rotation and resisted flexion of the knee. Although surgery is rarely prescribed for pes anserine bursitis, it sometimes is needed. A number of treatments targeting pathology inside the knee joint have not been proven to be effective or only provide short-term benefit.

Pes Anserine Bursitis –

Your physical therapist will determine if your hamstring muscles or any other leg muscles are tight, and teach you how to stretch them. Lower extremity bursitis [published correction in: Did you feel bursifis or hear a “pop” when you injured your leg?

The tendon’s name, which literally means “goose’s foot,” was inspired by the pes anserinus’s webbed, footlike structure. A few clinical studies have shown that this condition can be treated successfully with physiotherapy as well as a steroid injection into the pes bursa, which can be busitis safely in the office setting.


These might begin with “passive” motions that the physical therapist performs for you to gently move your leg and knee joint, and then progress to active exercises that you do yourself. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the buursitis Did you see swelling around the knee in the first 2 to 3 hours following the injury?

Aggravating factors include activities that require movements like flexion and endorotation, as well as exorotation and adduction.

He also applied some tape to gently support Martha’s hamstring muscles and alleviate the swelling and pain. Calif Med ; Pes anserine bursitis Pes anserine is busitis the lower right side of image Pes anserine bursa lies beneath Pes anserine bursitis is an inflammatory condition of the medial inner knee at the anserine bursaa sub muscular bursajust below the pes anserinus.

Avoid sudden increases in running mileage or uphill running. The inflammation of the bursa does not appear suddenly, but rather progresses over a period of time. Your doctor or physiotherapist will tell you when you can start these exercises and which ones will work best for you.

Hospitalization for total knee replacement among inpatients aged 45 and over: These may include leg stretching exercises such as hamstring stretch, standing calf stretch, standing quadriceps stretch, hip adductor stretch, heel slide, quadriceps isometrics, hamstrings isometrics [1].

Choose a single article, issue, or anserjne subscription. An elastic bandage can be wrapped around the knee to reduce any swelling or to prevent swelling from occurring [1].

When you contact a physical therapy clinic for an appointment, ask about the physical therapists’ experience in helping people who have your type of injury. However, you may want to consider: Pes anserine bursitis can be caused by: Retrieved burwitis ” https: The bursitis can also be due to a trauma, such as a direct hit in the Pes Anserine region. Toggle navigation p Physiopedia.

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