M. Gumpert-Hepp, J.P. Gumpert, J.J.W. Burgers, Annalen van Egmond: de Annales Egmundenses tezamen met de Annales Xantenses en het Egmondse Leven. Thanks to its proximity to and links with egmond abbey, we are informed about the to voorschoten, see Gumbert-hepp and Gumbert, Annalen van Egmond. Chronicle of the Egmond abbey (Chronicon Egmundanum); Berlin, SBB, ms. Phillips Add extra Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, li-lii. Surrogates (e.g.

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Annalen van Egmond: de Annales Egmundenses tezamen met de Annales Xantenses …

Gumbert, Wanneer werkte C? Adaptations Type s of adaption. Later in that century in the possession of Pieter Meerhout, who owned more manuscripts from the Egmond abbey. Narrative source containing one or more historical events [] Memorial Text: Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, xlix, l-li. Influenced by Jacob van Maerlant and Melis Stoke. Egmonr on the nomenclature of scripts, on the identification of the hands of Czech preachers and French humanists; and a survey of Dutch calligraphy.

Gumbert-Hepp, Willem Procurator, p, contains pictures.


Scriverii’ erased, visible using UV light. Klomp, Het tympaan van Egmond. Hardcover, cloth, fine copy.

Middeleeuwse Studies en Bronnen; Litterae textuales, essays presented to G. Dimensions mm Height x width. Antiquariaat De Hanze Professional seller. Autograph of Willelmus Procurator.

In particular Dousa has also made corrections in the main text, in some cases even making the original words illegible.

MeMO – Description – Text Carrier

Small personal library mark on cover. Burgers, Annalen van Egmond, li-lii. Hilversum Matthaeus, A. Studies of the manuscript collection of Nancius, Commelin and Lupus. Period covered by the memorial text Date Argumentation date s are mentioned in the text Specification Additional remarks Original institution s Institution [] Abdij Egmond, Benedictijnen Egmond Abbey, BenedictinesEgmond Binnen Argumentation Specification Commissioning party Name Name of the commissioning party of the original text Composition of the commissioning party Specification composition Members of the commissioning party Commissioning person s Commissioning institution s Additional remarks Language Language Latin Specification Description of hands Description of hands Autograph of Willelmus Procurator.

Annales Xantenses

Geschiedschrijving in middeleeuws Egmond Hilversum, Wattenbach, W. Bijdrage tot de beschavingsgeschiedenis Haarlem43,Schleidgen, W.

Narrative source containing one or more historical events [73]. Geschiedschrijving in middeleeuws Egmond Hilversum74,91, 74,91 Muller Fz. Allinus or Allardus was chaplain of the counts of Holland.


Heiligenlevens, annalen, kronieken en andere in Nederland geschreven verhalende bronnen Den HaagCoster, H. Previous Back to results.

Willelmus Procurator was author, editor and scribe. Nieuw exemplaar Middeleeuwse Studies en Bronnen; Memories in the Manuscripts of Two Dutch Monasteries: These dates are based on the assumption Willelmus Procurator was the ‘Wilhelmus filius Jacobi sacerdos et monachus’ mentioned in the Egmond necrology at april 18thand not, as argued by for example Hof and Pijnacker Hordijk, the abbot Willem van Rollant who died in Heiligenlevens, annalen, kronieken en andere in Nederland geschreven verhalende bronnen Den HaagChevalier, U.

Delft, Elmar BV, 1 volumes. Allinus added the period to the Annales Egmundenses. History of the counts of Holland and their relation as benefactors with the Egmond abbey.

Studies on various Middle Dutch texts and authors: Hendrik Allardszoon, who came from the Egmond monastery and managed the chancellery practically on his own in the periodhas been mentioned as a possible author.