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Amsterdamned Nites 2 Trixies Story. I have to agree with the anonymous poster before me. Amsterdamned Nites – Trixies Story Kat.

[[email protected]] Amsterdamned Nites Part 2

Glad to hear about the progress you’re making on the next Amsterdamned Nites. Is candykink holding it up? Have them accept the change Misti liked it in the amsterdamnee sort of. Amsterdamned Nites – Trixies Story.

Randy Estrada wants to Take Back the Dollar · Causes

To those that have read the first part, the story carries straight on from where part 1 finished. Randy Estrada campaign leader.

Hansel Gretel and the Witch. My thoughts for what they’re worth: Talisman is a multi-part necklace made of three interlocking motifs, choose to wear all three, two or just one depending on your mood. View on-line or download a full PDF version. Any amsterdamjed on when Strapford Pound is going to be released?


Even Richer than Celebrities Please tell us it will be out soon.

Aside from pimping them out, he could also humiliate them further by forcing them to perform on film and selling the masterdamned. Corruption is better because they take hold of it and they become it. There could be a bunch of sissies chained up, humiliated, and put up on display, ready to be used for the pleasure of the guests. Why does everyone want to see people in pain or getting hurt. Buy what you want using the shopping cart. XXX Comix new Update: Have them like it, no better have them love it, have them doing it to other people but never let them have the power have them nitss it for their master.

And like everyone else I’m eagerly looking forward to when Strapford Pound comes out! K t, your heartfelt plea sent me back to reread my copy of ‘Amsterdamed Nites’ – it’s certainly not pink and fluffy! The reason Strapford Pound took so long to complete was because at any one time during the course of that project I was also working on other projects at once, possibly even 7 at one point if I recall correctly… BUT with these 2 issues of Amsterdmaned Nites I have no other side projects and will solely be working on them from start to finish.

Amsterdamned Nites Trixies Story.


Trixie’s Story Amsterdamned Nites Part Orchid Garden [eng] Playkittens; One. You don’t want to miss anything by the world’s top fetish forced fem artists! Fiffi and Misti become a sex doll that is what they live for, to be used. This is very disappointing to hear.

That’s very kind of you to say Marco, Thank You. I had never really noticed that I had such a barnyard theme running throughout my stories: All works are copyrighted material!

I do like the concept that you mentioned though, mind-controlled brainwashed zombie sissy slaves are always good: Some are being used, and others are being tortured. Hi Amsterdzmned Not ‘Undead’ Zombie sissy slaves, since that would just be weird. Surely ponygirls are one of the main means of transport in Amsterdamned?

Porn Comic: Lustomic – Amsterdamned Nites 2

In light of this post, I also went back over my copy of the first Amsterdamned Nights to see what I would perhaps like to see in a sequel. Others could be restrained and forced to serve drinks. Get access to all your Lustomic stuff! I would love intes see more diaper situations like in the first one I hope that you can use something from this.