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Akerican plug your amplifier in to a wall outlet that does not match the required voltage of your amplifier, serious damage may occur to your unit. Never block the fan in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail. For cable runs shorter than 20ft. Amplifiers arrive to you preset in the stereo operation mode. The dip switches on the rear panel allows you to configure the low cut filter.

If the breaker continues to pop, stop using the amplifier and contact customer service.

The speaker wire may be connect by bare wire directly connected, usually for permanent connectionsbanana plug, or amreican connector. During low level output the fans run at normal speeds.

American DJ V 2 Channel Professional Stereo Amplifier | eBay

Every V Vplus series amplifier has been thoroughly tested and has been shipped in perfect operating condition. Below rated output, 8 ohms dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted dB, unweighted Power Consumption: Thermal Protection – A single variable-speed fan on the V Vplus and dual variable speed fans on the V Vplus and Wmerican Vplus amplifiers provide adequate cooling.


To prevent electrical shock or fire hazard, do not expose this amplifier to rain or moisture. Circuit Breaker – This breaker is designed to protect the amplifier and your speakers in the event of an AC overload.

Power Switch – This switch controls the units main power. Low Cut Filter V and V Only – The low-cut filter removes extremely low frequencies from the audio signal that could cause speaker distortion or damage.

American Audio V User manual |

Fuse Holder – 10 5 11 6 12 1 Diagram 3 This holder houses the external fuse. Connect your speakers to the outputs on the rear of the amplifier. Connect your speaker across the red output binding post on the rear of your amplifier. If your speaker lines short, the amplifier automatically detects this problem and discontinues operation for that channel.

American DJ V3000 2 Channel Professional Stereo Amplifier

Always be sure the source voltage for your areas matches the required voltage for your amplifier. Typical speaker output using bare wire. Turn your input source level up. This fans are used to cool the internal parts of the amplifier when in use.

It will allow brief clipping of peaks and will only activate when continuous, hard clipping occurs. No user serviceable parts inside.

Connect a XLR cable to the input of channel one. At this point channel one will begin to distort. See page 9 for more details on input configuration.


Risiko – Elektrischer Schlag! Rear mounting the unit is especially recommended if the unit is to mounted into a mobile rack.

American Audio V3000/V2000 Stereo Amplifier User Manual

This booklet contains important information concerning the proper and safe operation of your new amplifier. During excessive clipping ameriican limiter will reduce the audio signal enough to minimize the amount of clipping.

When constructing your own XLR cables follow the pin configuration describe below for proper connections. If this line good, check the internal speaker connections and components.

Please do not return the amplifier to your dealer without contacting customer support.

Cooling Vents – These vents are used for proper cooling. Never block the fan grills in any way or mount in an enclose rack, doing so may cause the amplifier to overheat and fail. Configuring the Low Cut Filter: During normal operation below clipping, and momentary clips on peaks, the limiter does not affect the audio signal and is inaudible.

Insert the banana jacks into the caps of the binding post, be sure that the banana jack is inserted securely to avoid the risk of it popping out. A short circuit will usually be traced to a bad cable or a bad speaker component and is rarely traced to the amplifier itself.