In this paper, we associate a topology to G, called graphic topology of G and we show that it is an Alexandroff topology, i.e. a topology in which intersec- tion of. Alexandroff spaces, preorders, and partial orders. 4. 3. Continuous A-space, then the closed subsets of X give it a new A-space topology. We write. Xop for X. trate on the definition of the T0-Alexandroff space and some of its topological . the Scott topology and the Alexandroff topology on finite sets and in general.

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Alexandrov topology

Topological spaces satisfying the above equivalent characterizations are called finitely generated spaces or Alexandrov-discrete spaces and their topology T is called an Alexandrov topology. Grzegorczyk observed that this extended to a duality between what he referred to as totally distributive spaces and preorders.

With the advancement of categorical topology in the s, Alexandrov spaces were rediscovered when the concept of finite generation was applied to general topology and the name finitely generated spaces was adopted for them. Scott k 38 By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms topopogy serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

The specialisation topology

The specialisation topologyalso called the Alexandroff topologyis a natural structure of a topological space induced on the underlying set of a preordered set. Conversely a map between two Alexandrov-discrete spaces is continuous if and only if it is a monotone function between the corresponding preordered sets.


Alexandrov topologies are uniquely determined by their specialization preorders. Spaces with this topology, called Alexandroff spaces and named after Paul Alexandroff Pavel Aleksandrovshould not be confused with Alexandrov spaces which arise in differential geometry and are named after Alexander Alexandrov. Alexandrov under the name discrete spaceswhere he provided the characterizations in terms of sets and neighbourhoods. Remark By the definition of the 2-category Locale see therethis means that AlexPoset AlexPoset consists of those morphisms which have right adjoints in Locale.

Definition Let P P be a preordered set. In topologyan Alexandrov topology is a topology in which the intersection of any family of open sets is open.

order theory – Upper topology vs. Alexandrov topology – Mathematics Stack Exchange

Arenas, Alexandroff spacesActa Math. It was also a well known result in the field of modal logic that a duality exists between finite topological spaces and preorders on finite sets the finite modal frames for the modal logic S4.

The latter construction is itself a special case of a more general construction of a complex algebra from a relational structure i. Stone spaces 1st paperback ed.

A discussion of abelian sheaf cohomology on Alexandroff spaces is in. The problem is that your definition of the upper topology is wrong: Interior Algebras and Topology. This page was last edited on 6 Mayat Alexandrov topology Ask Question. To see this consider a non-Alexandrov-discrete space X and consider the identity map i: Let Alx denote the full subcategory of Alexandeoff consisting of the Alexandrov-discrete spaces.


Alexandrov topology – Wikipedia

A function between preorders is order-preserving if and only if akexandroff is a continuous map with respect to the specialisation topology. But I have the following confusion. Every Alexandroff space is obtained by equipping its specialization order with the Alexandroff topology.

Note that the upper sets are non only a base, they form the whole topology. Johnstone referred to such topologies as Alexandrov topologies. By the definition of the 2-category Locale see therethis means that AlexPoset AlexPoset consists of those morphisms which have right adjoints in Locale.

Let Top denote the category of topological spaces and continuous maps ; and let Pro denote the category of preordered sets and monotone functions. Then W g is a monotone function.

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. It is an axiom of topology that the intersection of any finite family of open sets is topologt in Alexandrov topologies the finite restriction is dropped. The category of Alexandroff locales is equivalent to that of completely distributive algebraic lattice s. A set together with an Alexandrov topology is known as an Alexandrov-discrete space or finitely generated space.

This topology may be strictly coarser, but they are the same if the order is linear.