The Albin Counter-Gambit, as suggested by its name, is employed by the black pieces. Any gambit is an initial sacrifice offered normally by. I play the Albin-Counter Gambit. Just getting that straight. If you guys see any way to destruct the Albin-Counter Gambit, go ahead. This is the Albin-Counter. The Albin Countergambit is not to be feared, particularly. White does quite well after the simple 3. dxe5. My chess database of master games.

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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. However, this is one of my pet openings, so I’m albn curious what you find in this book.

The Amazing Albin Counter-Gambit | ChessBase

I was recently destroyed by the Albin Counter Gambit. Rxf6 Everything looks normal until move 7, where Black’s Queenside castling pretty much declares he’s uninterested in a draw.

Accept the advantage, fiancetto the king side, and move into a vounter advantage, fully defended, and ahead in development:. White’s Knight is looking silly there on the rim but his Queen and Rook are well placed.

Stockfish didn’t have a problem with I believe the real critical line in this opening comes from 1. Number of games in database: I was responding to the comment: A good system is the following, it gives black very little counter chances and gives white clear and easy plans. Promoting into a night in the opening.

Then there’s some ideas if black plays f6 instead. A black pawn on d4 would obviously curtail white’s development quite a bit and secondly it is black’s belief that he would be able to get back the e5 pawn eventually.


Albin Countergambit

Trent instead took the bull immediately by the horns! Oct 12, 3. I don’t think h3 is best play for white.

No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language. The first 10 moves are straight out of theory; there was no deviation in the master games. Here’s a sample game where White did not. Among the classical masters, we have obviously Albin, Geza Maroczy and Frank Marshall, just to mention few who played the opening consistently.

How can black be better after Bf5 it just drops a pawn. Messages posted by Chessgames members do not necessarily represent the views of Chessgames.

I don’t play any of these black vounter, but from the white side, I usually have more trouble against either the Budapest or Chigorin compared to the Albin. Oct 13, To study the opening distinct from the actual middlegame and endgame is foolish. I’ll present the last games to amuse us – I have no more time for running the engine or providing b-player analysis.

How to play against the Albin-Counter Gambit

Chess openings in chess. With lots of good potential moves for both sides I put a bit more emphasis in Critter’s ideas, because sometimes Stockfish overlooks things to see deeper. I’ve only played it a few times but its a fun opening, for sure.

By now the reader of this article will want to know precisely the content of the DVD. Here’s what Stockfish recommended instead.

How to play against the Albin-Counter Gambit – Chess Forums –

Nc6 Black’s pieces fly into the game putting pressure on White’s position from a very early stage. Retrieved from ” https: But g3 is correct in my very limited estimation!! Nothing in violation of United States law. Markos-Hrubasa is crazy and not only that played really well from both sides until white blundered on move Thanks for the work!


I will thumb through my books when I have more time, see what I can find. I think it gives the albin player a taste of his own medicine. Thanks to the opening of a chess club in my city, now I have the chance to play more tournaments, and more blitz rated events. In a free and open game, white’s move c2-c4 will also become a valueless or worse than valueless move. That f5 line is just uncomfortable to play. One can become a player who knows how to exploit a tempo in the opening to one’s own advantage.

Black’s playing aggressively but White solves the problems. The Modern Grand Prix Attack.

As ‘Others’ to 5. One of the most famous traps I’ve ever gambkt. This encounter is from the Keres Memorial at Tallinn on January 8th, Today also in ChessBase there are tools which can help us to do that.