View and Download ALASKA BM user manual online. Bread Maker. BM Bread Maker pdf manual download. Click to go to view Bedienungsanleitung Alaska Kl search result. Download manual Bread baking machine ALASKA BM Download manual: Bread. .com/ TZ

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Place the appliance only on a level, sturdy and heat-resistant surface, away from gas Never attempt to remove foods from the bread machine while it is switched on or while the flames or stoves and heaters and out of reach of children power plug is still connected to the power supply. After some time, this will soak the bread. Please note that the following documents need to be submitt d together with your faultyproduct: Enter text from picture: Do not insert any foreign objects into the appliance’s casing.

Use the pot holder andoven gloves to remove the backing pan 2 from the device. Do not cover the appliance while it is switched on. Such measuring cups are available in different sizes. SaltSalt is a balancing element for the flavour of breads and cakes as well as the colour of thecrustwhich is formed during baking.


It canbe separated from the flour by sieving it. The use of self rising flour is not recommended.

Always use oven mitts or potholderswhen removing the baking pan from the appliance. Ensure that the exterior of the backing pan 2 is clean and install the baking compartment 9 in the baking compartment 9 and anchor this by doing a small clockwise rotation.

Corn and Oat flourCorn and oat flour is made by grinding coarse kernels of yellow or white corn or pre-treated oatgrains. The program will now start.


The use of fresh or pressed baking yeastis not recommended, since it achieves weaker results. With this bread machine, you will be able touse store-bought bread mixes.

After sometime, the condensation will gm through the steam release openings The time separator “: Avoid using soft or dietmargarine, which does not have the required fat content. Use this program to bake bread in approx. The recipe is usually printed on or enclosed in thepackaging. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not playwith the appliance.

Please allow all metal parts to cool offbefore touching them.


The bread machine now completes various baking processes. Kneading, rising of thedough and baking – depending on the selected program.

A Fill a small bowl or cup half full with lukewarm water. During this time, the yeast will becomeactive. This bread machine is intended only for private use,not for commercial applications. Place the appliance only on a level, sturdy and heat-resistant surface, away from gasflames or stoves and heaters and out of reach of children. apaska

Manual Alaska BM2000

If a second bread is bedlenungsanleitung be baked and if HH: Never hold the unit under running water and never submerge the unit in water or otherfluids. Bread FlourUse bread flour to achieve better results. More Bread Maker Overview Programs and operating panel.

It is also used toincrease bread texture. D The mixture should foam and smell like yeast. It should be stored in secure, airtight containers.