The Joyous Cosmology is a brilliant arrangement of words describing This is, of course, exactly the distinction which Alan Watts wants us to transcend. But Mr. The Joyous Cosmology is Alan Watts’s exploration of the insight that the consciousness-changing drugs LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin can. “To begin with, this world has a different kind of time. It is the time of biological rhythm, not of the clock and all that goes with the clock. There is.

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So many of their subjects had reported states of consciousness that read like accounts of mystical experience that they were interested in trying it out on “experts” in this field, even though a mystic is never really expert in the same way as a neurologist or a philologist, for his work is not a cataloguing of objects. The meaning is transparent in the same way that the color and the texture are transparent, with light which does not seem to fall upon surfaces from above but to be right inside the structure and color.

The speed of thought and association is increased so astonishingly that it is hard for words to keep pace with the flood of ideas that come to mind. It was seen and described clearly by slan great American psychologist William James: It’s a difficult read, though my comprehension is just above average.

It is not an acquisitive process of learning more and more facts or greater and greater skills, but rather an unlearning of wrong habits and opinions.

Download Joyous Cosmology by Alan Watts Free PDF Ebook

Moyous do we begin? I have perhaps had some small measure of success in trying, Western fashion, to make this type of experience more accessible.


Feb 16, Jesse D. The singing intensifies into the most refined, exuberant, and delightful warbling, burbling. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

But how wwtts I ever get lost? He wrote over 25 books and numerous articles on subjects such as personal identity, the true nature of reality, higher consciousness, the meaning of life, concepts and images of God and the non-material pursuit of happiness. No time like the present to nurture love.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness by Alan W. Watts

Ordinarily I am lost in a maze. This book follows in the steps of Aldous Huxley’s The Doors of Perception, but goes to a whole new elevation. All the scientific papers I have read seem to add up to the vague impression that in some way these drugs suspend certain inhibitory or selective processes te the nervous system so as to render our sensory apparatus more open to impressions than is usual.

Lysergic acid diethylamide was first discovered in by jlyous Swiss pharmacologist A. To the eye, form and color; to the ear, sound; to the nose, scent; to the fingers, touch. Aug 09, Suhrob rated it really liked it. Time, space, and multiplicity are complications of it. It was an innocent time, before the powers that be had really found out about what a gapin Seldom before have I read 30 pages of xosmology.

Everything here is the visual form of the lilting nonsense and abandoned vocal dexterity of those Hindu musicians. In the end the book is about him tripping hard on some joyojs intense psychedelics. Oct 30, Aryeh Levine rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The entire pattern swirls in its complexity like smoke in sunbeams or the rippling networks of sunlight in shallow water.

I love you with the purest selfishness. And, behind all, towering into allan near-twilight sky, the grove of giant eucalyptus trees with their waving clusters of distinctly individual, bamboo-like leaves.


But before spontaneous action can be expressed in controlled patterns, its current must be set in motion. I am speaking, of course, of mescaline the active ingredient of the peyote cactuslysergic acid diethylamide a modified ergot alkaloidand psilocybin a derivative of the mushroom Psilocybe mexicana.

The Joyous Cosmology: Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

The visual space seems to reverberate with them as if it were a drum. Similarly, the play of life is at first apprehended rather cynically as an extremely intricate contest in cosmlogy, expressing itself deviously even in the most altruistic of human endeavors. There is no “drug reaction” but always setting-plus-drug. Normally we do not so much look at things as overlook them.

It was so entertaining and perfectly articulated that I couldn’t help but read it all in one sitting. They are, rather, biochemical cosmologgy which unlock experiences shatteringly new to most Westerners.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Such laws are unenforceable because any competent chemist can manufacture LSD, or a close equivalent, and the substance can be disguised as anything alab aspirin to blotting-paper. The feeling aalan there is something wrong in all this revolves around a contradiction characteristic of all civilizations.

The philosophy is certainly debatable, which more often seems spontaneous and not really thought over deeply. In medicine, for example, science isolates the essential drug from the former witch-doctor’s brew of salamanders, mugwort, powdered skulls, and dried blood.

It is quite commendable, how Watts manages to put into words these complex experiences.