bridge. • Location: Sevilla, Andalucia,. Spain. • Crosses: Guadalquivir River. • Duration: • Materials: Cables: Steel. Pylon: Reinforced Concrete. Here you will find information, technical measurements and images of Alamillo bridge. Name, Puente de Alamillo (Harp Bridge) Seville, Andalusia, Spain. Who. Owner, Regional Government of Andalucia. Concept Design, S Calatrava. Construction.

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It is a cable-styled bridge that crosses the San Jeronimo meander of the Guadalquivir River and is bounded by the ring road of Sevilla in the west.

Alamillo Bridge

The bridge deck consists of an hexagonal, steel box beam spine to which the stay cables are attached. An irregular roughly heaxagonal cross section with average dimensions 12 m. Weld into place the steel ribs onto the box in parallel with step 4. The proof is that the cables that support the bridge are not tight at the top of the mast, contrary to what one would expect.

This is achieved by the steep angle of the cantilever beams that cast the under deck into shadow. Erection of the steel segment of the pylon and welding to the previous segment Placement and tensioning of a couple of cables Placement of reinforcing steel and concrete filling of segment The design and construction of the Alamillo Bridge provides an insight into one the best Architectural and Engineering minds of our time.

They realised that they must also allow for creep and shrinkage of the concrete in the tower.

This bridge represented the soaring aspirations of the city of Seville in preparation for Expo ’92and is visible from zlamillo top of La Giraldathe former minaret which is the sentimental roof of the city, linking Seville’s past and present. Cement, sand, aggregate and water Reinforced concrete: Construction of the foundation and temporary backfill of the river Construction of temporary piers to support the deck elements Construction of the deck over the temporary piers Construction of the lower part of the pylon The rest of the pylon was built in segments and stabilised by the deck and the progressive placement of the stays.


This new type of cable-stayed bridge, which substitutes the weight of alamiillo inclined pylon for one set of stay cables, creates a dialogue of balance between pylon and deck. InSantiago Calatrava, a Valencian architect known for his sculpted designs, proposed the construction of two mirroring bridges.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As this is a pedestrian bridge, design refinements are important as they will be experienced at close hand. Construct the four lower segments of the tower see diagram below. The ribs are structurally connected to the reinforced concrete slab. Technically the bridge is a way of taking forces from up in the air down to the ground. With no economic constraints on construction, the goal was to create a bridge of symbolic importance.

They used the actual measured values in a computer programme to check against the performance of the actual bridge so they could be sure they understood how the bridge was behaving as it was built. The Alamillo Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge with a meter ft long span painted in Calatrava’s trade-mark bright white color.

Access is by a staircase inside the core of the mast. Materials Mast The mas is made of hexagonal plates of steel, reinforced inside by reinforced concrete.

Puente del Alamillo

The diagram shows a simplified brridge for the erection of the tower in segments and the stressing of the cables to balance the forces at each stage – click on it to open a larger version in a new window. Overview Gallery Map Close.

It was intended to erect segments of the bridge deck brudge the tower so that they balanced – so as the deck grew outwards from the tower so the tower grew upwards. The bridge is very sensitive to small changes in geometry or weight because its structural configuration relies on setting to zero the difference between two large bending moments.

Alamillo bridge –

A huge foundation had to be built with a large number of very large piles of big dimensions and a huge capping plate on top to connect them. This initiative included the provision of better road connections to neighboring towns, a ring road for Seville, and eight new bridges over the Guadalquivir river. The steps of construction are as follows:. Latest Issue of Built Expressions on stand. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Santiago Calatrava Valls, a Spanish neofuturistic architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter designed Alamillo Bridge. The bridge deck is designed as a metal structure and consists of a central platform and hexagonal anchorages where the cables attach. These pillars is compensate for movements experienced by the mast and bridge deck. There are two ways of avoiding this — using a single plane of cables, or arranging the cables in harp form.

Because of the unconventional structural design and the short period of time available for construction, the building sequence was also quite different from the standard construction methods used in cable-stayed bridges, where, normally, the first step is the construction of the tower. The Puente del Alamillo is the only [ citation needed ] bridge that is balanced solely through added weights not requiring any type of back anchorage.

Concrete is strong in compression but weak in tension where it has to be reinforced with steel bars. Because of its boomerang shape, it only has one arm to support its entire weight.

The Alamillo Bridge at night. For example, the lighting on the bridge is provided by low-level luminaries, rather than lampposts, which would vie with the pylon for dominance of the vertical plane. This idea resulted in an asymmetrical design with bridge pylons inclined towards Cartuja Island, creating a symbolic gateway for the expo site on the island.