Akka in Action has 80 ratings and 8 reviews. Sebastian said: * this is a review of MEAP v15 version – currently 14 of 15 chapters have content (not confi. Scala API. In the Scala API, Akka provides an Actor trait that you can extend from to build your Akka in Trading Price Action Pages·· Akka is a Scala-based toolkit that simplifies developing concurrent distributed applications. Akka uses Actors-independently executing processes that.

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It seems to start from basic concepts and later kinda build on top of them. Johndoe rated it really liked it Dec 29, Books by Raymond Roestenburg.

Responding with a stream over HTTP. Use the text to search and navigate the audioor download the audio-only recording for portable offline listening. The enterprise integration router pattern. The book helped me. Using multiple instances of dispatchers. About the authors A software craftsman and architect, Raymond Roestenburg is amka Akka committer.


Receiving a stream over HTTP. Suereth Foreword by Martin Odersky. Rob Bakker specializes in concurrent back-end systems and systems integration.

System integration Mrap Goodreads helps you keep track of books you amka to read. ARahman Rashed rated it liked it Jul 18, Akka uses Actors-independently executing processes that communicate via message passing—as the foundation for fault-tolerant applications where individual actors can fail without crashing everything.

The book has been recently updated to reflect the latest changes in http, persistence and some other modules.

Akka in Action

Improving performance by addressing bottlenecks. Every chapter has working, real-world code that illustrates how to get things done using Akka. Akka is a Scala-based toolkit that simplifies developing concurrent distributed applications. By no means this book covers all the aspects of Akka which is enormously huge, albeit allows you to write full fledged applications based only on itself. A good book to learn about Akka and the actor model.

Fan in a,ka fan out with the graph DSL Perfect for high-volume applications that need to actiom rapidly, Akka is an effic Akka is a Scala-based toolkit that simplifies developing concurrent distributed applications.


Actor persistence Chapter Emanuele Blanco rated it really liked it Apr 22, Implementing the entry actions. Create the app on Heroku. Rob Williams has more than 20 years of product development experience. One programming model to rule up and out 1. You won’t learn much new stuff here.

Akka in Action by Raymond Roestenburg

Quick introduction of Finite State Machine. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.

Book basically goes through most of Akka more interesting features and plugins including clustering, persistence etc. Refresh and try again.

Getting concurrency right Testing and performance tuning Clustered and cloud-based applications Covers Akka version 2. Scaling Out with Remoting 6. Implementing endpoints using the Camel Framework Basic stream processing