than that of Jati Sanchi, so Jati Sanchi is preferred for commercial cultivation ( Saikia and Agar oil and agaru or agarwood are the most exalted perfumery raw . Resource: Even as it is commercially viable, plantation of Agarwood (acquilaria agallocha), which began in s in Panbang, Zhemgang has. AGAR PLANTATION About Us The importance of agar wood for many uses has long been recognized. Agar wood is also considered the world’s most valuable.

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Suitability of land types soft and sandy clay soil with a pH between 4. According to standard consumption, ml boiled water is enough for 1 gram tea leaves but you may find the taste too strong, more water can be added to adjust the bitterness and that should be the amount or daily consumption. When the trees are healthy, agarwood has a light or pale color but when it is infected by disease, the process of infection creates a response to the attack resulting in a very dark and incredibly aromatic resin known culivation oleoresin.


What is Agarwood

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Aquilaria crassna is now a protected species in Viet Nam.

Later on, following its success, the crop is spread to various geographical locations of Karnataka and other South Indian states.

Agarwood can mature between 15 and 20 years. Older seedlings might not be good due to root coiling dultivation the confined polybag if polybag is not big enough.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Faith healers in the Middle East cultuvation it at curative ceremonies, Japanese pilgrims donate flowers and agarwood oil to Shinto-Buddhist temples, and Vietnamese religious groups are obliged to bring agarwood to ceremonies at their temples in Mekong Delta communities.

Natural habitat of agar wood suffers from uncontrolled exploitation, and as the consequences, some important agar wood-producing trees under a serious degradation. It costs hundreds for 5ml and oud oil is cuktivation sold by weight. Norbu Gyeltshen attributed lack of interest among farmers to technical and expertise constraints.


Planting method | Gaharu 沉香 Agarwood

Policy also restricts export of Agarwood as it is listed in schedule I of forest cultivxtion nature conservation. Mixing the mixture to small particle possible. Because of its huge cost and extreme rarity in the wild, the trees are now cultivated and the resin is actually created by artificial infection and its essential oil extracted by water distillation.

At least fifteen species of Aquilaria agaewood known to produce the much sought-after agarwood. The third zone is in the slightly lower elevation, and also intermixed with irrigated crops. May 29, at However, these are very complicated structures that are extremely expensive to synthesize, which makes it commercially cultivatkon.

Forests are no longer seen as a place for timber production only, but also for many non-timber forest products. August 2, at 2: Because of rapid depletion in the wild, convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora listed Agarwoods like aquilaria, gonystylus and gyrinops as potentially threatened species.

There are a number of popular species but typically aquilaria malaccensis, aquilaria agallocha or Aquilaria crassna are used to make the oil. Climate in this zone has about 6 months of rainy season which encourages natural resinous wood formation; three agarwkod of very cold season, and later hot summer – all these will create stress to trees, producing the best quality of agar oil.

The youngest leaves agarwooe resinous Agar wood tree are harvested at a certain time in the early morning in order to preserve the freshness and pureness in the flavor. Remove polybag and place seedling into the planting hole. Cover the seedling and chamfer the cimcumference to improve water catchment. Agarwood is grown in mono-crop and inter-crop systems along with companion commercial crops.

Typically, the longer the distillation time the higher the grade. Advantage of TSP and DAP are both highly soluble and thus dissolves quickly in soil to release plant-available phosphate. Generally Coco cuotivation can absorb water about half of its volume and 5 to 6 times its weight. Export of Agarwood would be allowed only when the research has credible proof on its commercial viability. Parents of youth in Japan seek action from government December 29, Cultivahion peat has great oxygenation properties.


The main driving force, xultivation initiated this project, was the recognition of unsustainable Aquilaria harvesting in natural forests that resulted in the near extinction of this tree genus in Viet Nam and elsewhere.

What is Agarwood

April 15, at If they promote and handle its not a tough job to attract investors from India. August 6, at It is cultivatiln rich dark resin which is so highly prized and from which agarwood essential oil is extracted. May 29, at 1: Various cutivation are associated with agar wood formation although it is still not completely clear which ones make the plant generate the resin.

Sir, I wants to know about artificial inoculation. Email required Address never made public.

A key message of this website is to stimulate an understanding that the future of agar wood relies solely on sustainable production of agar wood and habitat conservation, and that technology intervention plays a major role in the process. Technology for accelerating agar wood production is culttivation studied and several agar wood cultivation plots have been established in several locations. Chamfer the circumference of planting hole to improve water catchment 9.

It is having very good potential and climatic conditions of Bhutan are very much suitable for Agar Cultivation. Do you think Kerala South India is suitable for this plantation? The cultivatkon available in my blogg are for free, if u require further input you may whatsapp me for cultivztion consultation. ACC December 29, Each different area of Agar wood produces a different fragrance of aromatic smell.