Fill Afrotc Form 48, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. AFOATS FORM 48, (EF-V1). PREVIOUS EDITION IS OBSOLETE. PLANNED ACADEMIC PROGRAM PAGE of PAGES. The AFROTC Form 48 is prepared by the cadet and gives a tentative AFROTC Form 48 in pencil; signatures must be in blue or black ink.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Academic Plan Cadet Drive: Although your academic advisor and AS instructor will assist you in completing this form, you are ultimately responsible for its completion.

You should understand your own academic abilities fprm plan your course-load to match them. Also, since the Form 48 determines when a student is projected to graduate, and guides the cadet and detachment staff to that graduation, it is a very important document.

This form should be completed initially during your first semester in ROTC and signed by you, your college academic advisor and AS instructor. You will need to retrieve it each subsequent semester to review and update it, afrotcc sign it along with your college academic advisor and AS instructor. More specifically, HSSP cadets must complete this by the end of their first term or face administrative action. This will include the 3-year scholarship freshmen who will not activate scholarships until the beginning of their sophomore year.

Non-scholarship cadets interested in competing for a scholarship must have it completed prior to being nominated. Sophomore cadets wishing to compete for an enrollment allocation must complete it by the end of their fall term. Enter one academic major of study in which you plan to graduate.


AFROTC FORM Academic Plan (Cadet Drive: cadet suspense

For those pursuing a dual major, this should be the technical major if your secondary is not, i. Computer Science and Business as a dual major should enter Computer Science. If you have any inclination that you might drop a major, enter the one that you are most apt to complete. This is important because only 1 major will become your afeotc major. We are not concerned whether you complete a second degree as that is not a requirement for ROTC; it is actually a concern if adding these courses may hinder your GPA or completion of your first fork.

More information regarding double majors and minors will be given below. Lastly, this does not necessarily mean that you have declared a major with your school, just that it is your planned major or major required by your scholarship if you have received one.

May Ensure the date of graduation is realistic; many technical majors take 4.

You should begin with the current term and then complete each additional term to graduation. Previously completed credits and terms do not need to be written in. Begin with the term qfrotc you entered ROTC. Minors and double majors cannot be reflected on the academic plan if doing vorm will hinder satisfying program objectives receiving a baccalaureate degree.

Once this is complete, the cadet may add additional hours to already existing certified academic plan to meet the requirements of a minor or a second major.

Adding additional hours must not place the cadet at risk of taking too many hours a term or require additional terms in extended status; or, change afotc already established commissioning date. Label each block using the semester time and year, i.


AFROTC FORM 48: Academic Plan (Cadet Drive: cadet suspense

You must afrotx a separate section for each semester through your projected commissioning date. Include planned summer or winter terms, periods of non-attendance, terms abroad, and extended status. The intent is to show the priority of this requirement and that it takes precedence over other courses during that time. Course Number and Course Title: Include all planned courses to include elective courses or online courses.

Provide the catalog number i. AIRS and abbreviated course titles. Enter the number of credit hours for the course as specified for the course in vorm college catalog.

This will afotc those credits actually received. As an example, you may have planned The number of attempted credit hours required for full-time student status during any term is the minimum number specified in the institutional catalog. The only time this does not apply is during your last term prior to commissioning.

Lastly, you will be responsible to ensure it is returned to your personnel records. These additions are as follows: If disenrolled, I may have to repay my scholarship or be called to serve on active duty in my enlisted grade for a period of two years.

In order to fulfill this requirement, I plan to take the following courses: See a cadre member if you have any question on your required courses. Early Program Plan for the Ph. Browse our Detachment program.

Joy Jones Educational Scholarship. Time Management and Study Habits. Department of Foreign Languages Scholarship Application and.

Wow, what a start to the semester.