Products 1 – 10 of 15 Buy Now · Navtech Europe Supplement. AERAD Buy Now · Navtech Flight Guide Poland to Urals, & to SE Europe to Greece &. AERAD. If you are a UK-based aviator you will know about Aerad, and you will also know about Jeppesen. If you are based anywhere else in the world you will know. In addition to Aerad’s range of Flight Guide Supplements a larger range of accessories have been brought out to complement the main guides. £ (Non- VAT.

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I’ve werad had a look at the powerpoint presentation, not seen a real chart yet, but there are some improvements over current Aerad charts. The Italians made a substantial and permanent change to the missed approach procedure in april but EAG has yet to print a new chart – thats is more than 7 months!!!

The old alphanumeric page numbers were easy to deal with in the flight deck- giving them numerical page IDs only is a nice neat solution, like giving us rows of identical switches and controls.

I have fligut agree the new charts are a complete shambles. D As informatioon said earlier ask a pilots a question, get replies. As a side note a quick glance at the PDF file posted above shows charts that are slightly more eligible than the two I had to read today, so certainly alot of variation dependent on the airfield being visited.


OFP, I’m still getting old, happy to embrace change for the better, have learned a few things in recent years from the “youngsters” in the way that their skills have been taught in the 21st century and have adopted a few of them myself as they were better than the way my experience has had me operate. If this is correct then surely the above quote from an earlier post should be of some concern?

informattion Funny as this may be at familiar airfields, does not inspire informxtion on a trip to a new field!: For instance Biggin Hill is in the “new” format, Farnborough is in the “previous” format and the airfields in northern France are in the “format before that”. The text size is greater than either previous format and they actually state the altitude limitation.

We need a serious competitor to Jeppesen who won’t overcharge you: We had the booklet issued to every pilot in the company, with reminders to study it before the implementation date.

Aerad Flight Information Supplement

When did all this change. If these charts cause a safety hazard, MOR it! Quite agree, and it’s about to get worse.

Half the print is unreadable even in supplemeht state of life. I think the CAA need to get involved here and start regulating these things. On the whole, I think the improvements are cancelled out by the new design flaws, leaving you wondering why they bothered Altitude – The altitude information is significantly better.


The manufacturer will then go bust. Meddling for the sake of bureaucracy.

RIP Aerad, once great charts now unusable! Whatever happened to the concept of customer service? Ready to have my head shot off I originally thought all this was due to the fact we naturally resist change. If you supplemejt the names in English, then they are all there in a standard ICAO language, if you put them in their own language, that’s going away from standard by utilising many different languages.

I guess with all of these things it’s a matter of getting used to it, to train the eyes where to look for the info.

Aerad Flight Information Supplement – IFR Supplements & Accessories – Pilot Warehouse

Indormation this reason my airline has chosen to stay with Jar-Ops until Aerad have finished introducing the Aerochart standard and has issued guidance that the EU-Ops minima cannot be used. They don’t get better, they make me angry and therefore we have stopped briefing the nonsense. Even the youngsters are confused! Thanks gents and happy hours.

In fact i could say alot worse!: Not good for the boys in the thick of it.: These plates are a total shambles.

On a positive note the ground pages are more concise.