AARL process as applied at SDGM. • Identify the key elution circuit components. • Demonstrate an understanding of carbon reactivation theory. • Demonstrate an. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Modelling of the AARL elution process | The influence of temperature on the equilibrium adsorption of gold and hydroxide ion . successful methods is the carbon-in-pulp (CIP) process. In CIP processing elution rig was commissioned to simulate industrial Zadra and AARL carbon elution.

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The acid rinse step 05 is currently set for 2.

Each method has advantages and disadvantages, which should be evaluated when deciding which process to use. Changing of the dosing time in the stripping sequence step 02 results in the changing of the levels of both NaCN and NaOH as the same timer controls both pumps. Potable water then continues to flow through the system as per the elution stage for another twenty minutes, this taking some of the heat out of the carbon and the thermocal. The main drawback to the alcohol stripping process is the potential for fires.

There are numerous variations to, and combinations of, the basic processes as illustrated by the following:. Bottom of column pressure ……… around kPa. Displaced water flows out of the top of the column through the inline filter, along the pregnant solution line to the heat exchanger to exit via valve AV into the eluate tank.

Carbon Stripping – Denver Mineral Engineers

Pressure stripping columns are normally sized with a height to diameter ratio of about 4 to 1. After filling, the main valve AV is closed and dilute hydrochloric acid is injected into the bottom of the column via procesx AV In practice the feed system to each column had a limit of 36 tonnes per day.

These procedures allowed the carbon to be recycled for further gold recovery. The following is a typical operating schedule for a Pressure Zadra stripping cycle: Heat exchanger pressure in …….


Carbon Stripping

The process is fully automated and controlled by electronic sequence controllers which switch both pumps and valves for each step. This can be confirmed by visual inspection at the pump or valve. The solution is cooled by exchanging heat with barren solution and flows through a back pressure control valve, to the pregnant solution holding tank. The elution unit is configured like a packed bed distillation tower with a heater on the base of the column, an overhead condenser, a reflux pump and the loaded carbon functioning as the tower packing.

This is achieved at flow rates in the range of 2 bed volumes per hour operating in series flow with electrowinning cells. The majority of pressure strip vessels are constructed from stainless steel, but many carbon steel vessels are providing satisfactory service.

Acid washing is currently being done both in a separate vessel from the stripping column and in the elution vessel.

This idea was discarded in practice, in favor of the simpler one step caustic cyanide elution. Over 20 licenses for this process have been issued, but none are in the United States. As the carbon and preconditioning solution move into the lower section of the column the hot water eluate passing up the column elktion the gold from the carbon and flushes out the preconditioning solution to become the final eluate.

This information is displayed on the control cubicle.

The solution is then drained from the carbon until free of excess moisture. Fire dangers are reduced quite substantially, as the pregnant eluant that is subsequently processed for procees recovery does not contain alcohol. Solution bleeding is required to prevent the buildup of contaminants, which reduce stripping efficiency.

Gold ExtractionGold Refining Tags: Most columns are operated with upflow of solution, but some plants have selected to elute by downflow. The most elutoin developed stripping procedure being used commercially was developed at Micron Research, in Australia 8.


Heat is then applied to the base of ;rocess desorption vessel. Within a few hours, the alcohol is concentrated in the overhead condenser tank.

This publication is still in print and is actually the foundation for the other stripping processes.

AARL Carbon Stripping System Operation: Elution & Electrowinning

Glycols are generally used, rather than alcohols, because they are virtually uninflammable. Activated carbon has long been known to exhibit a strong affinity for the extraction procesd gold from cyanide solutions.

Displaced water flows out of the top elurion the column through valve AV to the tailings hopper. The gold depleted solution is then reheated and recycled to the carbon bed for reuse see Figure 1. In any case the potable water system here does not cater for the running of both steps at the same time. Electrowinning of gold from the xarl solution is done on a batch basis. Over the past year the gold extracted has averaged approximately 60 kg per day on a day per year basis.

The main disadvantage of the original Zadra process is its low rate of desorption.

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Ekution tower bottoms solution is then free of alcohol and loaded with gold solution which has been stripped by the refluxing action in the column. Methyl alcohol is used in the majority of applications, but ethanol is occasionally applied.

Ethylene or propylene proceas are frequently used, rather than alcohol, to increase the speed of atmospheric pressure Zadra stripping 7. Electrowinning One bed volume thirty minutes after the commencement of the elution step 06 the electrowinning cell may be put into operation.