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A charming early Austen novel filled with overt criticism of Mrs. A mysterious heavy chest in her bedroom, with silver handles “broken perhaps prematurely by some strange violence”; an odd locked area of the house; a man she suspects of doing away with his wife.

Overall, I am just really happy that my first encounter with Northangwr went over so well. I wish the plot of the novel would have allowed more of Henry Tilney as he certainly seemed like a man, a reader of novels, who I would have enjoyed taking a long walk with to discuss literature, life, and all things nice.

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A Abadia de Northanger, Jane Austen

Richard Adams quotes a portion of the novel’s last sentence for northqnger epigraph to Chapter 50 in his Watership Down ; the reference to the General is felicitous, as the villain in Watership Down is also a General. It was one of the few available ones in my local bookstore at the time. And there are some memorably entertaining minor characters in this novel.

That might not be all that surprising since Northanger Abbey is Austen’s debut. View all 14 comments.

Open Preview Northaner a Problem? When middle-aged friends of the Morlands, then, invite the sheltered rural-living Catherine to join them for six weeks in the cosmopolitan resort town of Bath, she can’t help but to be thrilled; and indeed, the bulk of this novel’s prose is devoted to capturing the ins-and-outs of youth culture in such a period, the subtle and ultra-complicated flirtation rituals that took place each evening among such communal settings as recital halls and the boardwalk.

It is men who must be agreeable and comply to a women’s wishes, while women who will provide the ‘materials’ needed. Catherine is not ed pretty or feminine, and one of ten children of a country clergyman.


Northanger Abbey – Wikipedia

General Tilney, who at first seems to be very impressed with his children’s friend, insinuates some modifications to be made on the property for Henry’s future wife, and implies that he would like to have Catherine as his daughter-in-law. I love farce on the big screen, but it’s often lost on me in literature, especially the classics. View northanver 20 comments. Originally Northanger Abbey was entitled “Susan” and written around As previously noted, Isabella is like her brother John Thorpe, in being both manipulative and conniving, always finding ways to make others do her bidding.

Allen, who owned the chief of the property about Fullerton, the village in Wiltshire where the Morlands lived, was ordered to Bath for the benefit of nortthanger gouty constitution—and his lady, a good-humoured woman, fond of Miss Morland, and probably aware that if adventures will not befall a young lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad, invited her to go with them.

Of course, let’s not forget that there’s a reason Austen’s later work is so much better known and loved, say this book’s critics — and that’s because those books are simply better, according to any criteria you wish to name, the result of an older and wiser woman with not only better writing skills but a much more complex outlook on the world.

This book was witty, sarcastic, so much fun, and I just really enjoyed Catherine’s character. However, perhaps Austen was somewhat concerned about the more fainthearted among her constant readers, who probably formed a sizable section of her readership, so she reassures them from time to time: Her love of dirt gave way to an inclination for finery, and she grew abaia as she grew smart; she had now the pleasure of sometimes hearing her father and mother remark on her personal improvement.

All the same, Catherine is hardly what I would have thought of as one of the great Austen female characters. Realizing how foolish she has been, Catherine comes to believe that, though novels may be delightful, their content does not relate to everyday life.

Granted, Catherine had some great character developement but that was basically it. Okay, so the characters are basically thick and young. For the second half of the novel the setting has switched to Avadia Abbey itself, northahger Catherine has received an invitation to stay there. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


O pai era padre; mas como nunca se mostrara desmazelado ou pobre, todos o respeitavam, embora se chamasse Ricardo e nunca tivesse sido bonito. And indeed, if I wanted to be really controversial, I’d argue that if Austen were alive and writing in our modern times, she wouldn’t write about relationships at all, but was instead forced to during her own times because of this being the only stuff female authors could get published back then.

These characters get together on a very unequal basis, but one you see happen all the time in life.

Mansfield Park – Emma – A Abadia de Northanger by Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey – Kap. A real Gothic house!

The resort is famous for the miraculous water, but most go there for the dancing, plays, card games and walking around in the Grand Pump Room, and meeting the rich Eh – we have people organising Flat Earth Conferences and it isn’t even fiction or satire, but plain truth. One of the highlights of the novel is where Henry Tilney teases Catherine about the “horrid” contents of such novels.

Maybe he can explain what this is all about.

Overall though this was a very fun read, and a Jane Austen book that I think is a little underrated! But let me abada a bit. Not to mention view spoiler [Henry. He’s an intellectual who enjoys reading trashy books, he is not easily deceived but can forgive people if they had good intentions, he knows how to be polite and how to re Catherine feel good and worthy The characters were not that likable either. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat